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Why ENFP Leaders Must Step Up

ENFPs as Business Leaders: Step Up or Shut Up

“I don’t want to be controlled!” As an ENFP, I’m sure you’ve had this thought countless times…but what if you actually created your own prison?

March 2019 3 dissapointing careers for ENFPs without text min

3 Painfully Disappointing Career Choices For ENFPs

I’ve spoken to 100s of ENFPs and I keep hearing these 3 careers come up…careers that sound good “in theory” but in practice can be painfully disappointing career choices for ENFPs.

Feb 2019 3 unexpectedly perfect careers for ENFPs without text 1 min

3 Unexpectedly Perfect Careers For ENFPs

You might be surprised that these career and business options are actually great fits for an ENFP if, and only if, found in the right environment.