Freelancing and Small Business

Why Your Small Business Keeps Failing

Why Your Online Business Ideas Keep Failing

If you or someone you care about has struggled to make their “lifestyle business” into anything other than a cash pit, this one’s for you. Here’s a potential reason why – and a solution!

June 2019 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Starting Your Business without text min

Imposter Syndrome When Starting Your Business

I’m answering a question about defeating imposter syndrome when you’re starting your first business or doing anything else new and scary.

May 5 How to HACK Fear and TAKE ACTION to Work for Yourself 1920px

Entrepreneurial Insight – Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Just Yet

After my event in Prague, I’ve had some amazing entrepreneur insights. In this post, I’m talking about the importance of thinking about our market in the right way, the right and wrong audience, and different marketing approaches.

Apr 2019 MATT beer buddy referral strategy to grow your business without text min

The Most Fun Way to Get New Clients

Matt Astifan joins me to discuss two of my favourite strategies for growing your business, meeting great people, and having a ton of fun along the way.

March 2019 BEACH video Working for yourself without text min

How To Start a Business When You’re Broke

How to start working for yourself if you are stuck in a crappy job, like a call centre, that pays minimum wage and drains the LIFE out of you?!

March 2019 MATT Productivity Tips From an ENTP Entrepreneur for ENFPs and ENTPs without text min

Productivity Tips for ENFPs and ENTPs

My friend Matt joins us to share his top tips for getting more done as an ENTP entrepreneur. This advice is also really helpful for us ENFPs since we have the same primary function as ENTPs.