Coaching Opportunities

I've been offering coaching services since 2013. I have worked with CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Commodity Traders. I've also worked extensively with artists such as painters, singers, and even a well known magician. 

My training includes a degree in psychology, nlp certification, and coaching training with Anthony Robbins. 

Whatever their profession, my clients tend to think a bit differently and value purpose, freedom, relationships and lifestyle as much as income. 

One on One Coaching Sessions or Advisory Consultations (stand alone)

One on One Coaching Packages

Within The Dreamers & Doers Coaching Program You'll Also Get:

Live Monthly Training and Coaching Call with Dan

Accountability Groups

Curated Member Community

Exclusive Access, Videos, and Events

Outside Experts and Special Guest Q&As

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If Your Focus Is On Clarity and Figuring Out What You Want To Do:

Life Design In Action Coaching

My premier program for developing the knowledge, clarity, and courage to design and create the life of your dreams.

This includes my comprehensive video training and guided process to discover your calling, your next steps, and the courage to take action. You can read more about Life Design In Action here.

You can purchase the Life Design In Action program with additional coaching calls:

Life Design In Action - Just The Program - $195

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Program + Extensive Clarity Coaching Session - $495

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Program + Extensive Clarity Call + 2 Followup Calls - $795

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  • Find work or create a business aligned with your unique personality, past, and passions.
  • Design your life with the freedom to do all the things you love.
  • Overcome any fear or doubt and follow your own path.

The Free Freelancer

If your focus is on building a location independent freelancing, consulting, or coaching business, this is for you.

I also offer a private group coaching program called The Free Freelancer. The investment is $1295, or if you prefer a payment plan it is $129 over 12 months.

The program lasts one year. If you wish to join, simply complete the payment below and a myself or a member of my team will contact you with more details. If after learning more we, or you, decide the program isn't a great fit we will refer you to another program or refund your money. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee for the program.

Join with One Payment - $1295

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Join With Monthly Payments - 12 x $129

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  • Build a location independent freelancing, coaching, or consulting business
  • One year of weekly intimate group coaching and support calls (4-12 people per call)
  • An extensive collection of live and prerecorded training  
  • Covers everything from marketing and sales to online marketing and self management (ie facing fear and getting things done!)

When I started University...everyone around me was in the typical rat race 9-5 mindset and they influenced me and changed my mind...until my mother got sick and I realized I need a way of supporting myself that allowed me to create value and feel like I'm contributing and growing as a person while having the flexibility to stay with the people I love.

Marketing Consultant
Milan, Italy

At the beginning I did wonder whether he was one of these people who has the catch-all course that's going to like change your life for the better and actually doesn't do very much.

I still benefit from his expertise but it's not just about what he coaches but how he coaches. You'll find that he's empathic particularly in times where you're struggling but also he can be very direct when he needs to be.

Voice and  Presence Coach - London, UK