Why ENFP and INFP Artists Don’t Get Paid Well (and how you can be!) #AskDan

by Dan Johnston

Why ENFP and INFP Artists Don’t Get Paid Well (and how you can be!) #AskDan

“Look at your end client and ask yourself how you can give them the most value. Make your company more money and guess how much they’ll pay you – a lot!”

The Original Question

I got a question from a YouTube subscriber, Freya, who is feeling frustrated because she can’t find an employer that appreciates her strengths and pays well. She also thinks that the culture undervalues xNFPs (ENFPs and INFPs) like her. She asks:

“How do we find employers who will pay us a living wage for pursuing the work that we’re truly great at? It seems like many of us XNFPs are naturally artists, and/or we’re great at using language. Not many of us have a calling for engineering or programming. It’s so discouraging and alienating to feel like the culture doesn’t value what we have to give.”

Here’s My Answer

I can bulls*it on this! You CAN get paid EXTREMELY well using your creative talents IF you take the approach I talk about in this video.

Learning how to add value is the best way for an ENFP or INFP Artist to get paid well.

Artists often forget about the final customer, the person paying for them to create.

If you want to work as a freelancer, be it writing, designing, drawing, or anything else, you need to learn how you can get paid extremely well for creating art.

Don’t expect others to value what you do if you do not know how to give them the most value.

The way you can earn a lot of money if you’re an employee or you’re working with clients is this:

Figure out how they earn their money and put yourself between the money and them in a position where you can increase that amount of money that goes to them.

Make your clients more money and guess how much they’ll pay you – a lot!

In the video, I mentioned specific examples of how you can apply this strategy regardless of your profession. [Watch the full video above.]

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