What REALLY Motivates an ENFP To Achieve Their Goals?

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by Dan Johnston

What REALLY Motivates an ENFP To Achieve Their Goals?

“The motivation for most, if not all ENFPs, is around people. We love to help other people, create experiences or stories for them, and contribute to them… or making a change in their lives.”

ENFPs and Goal Setting

If you’re an ENFP and you follow the traditional goal setting advice you’re likely to fall flat on your face and fail. So how can ENFPs succeed in setting goals and keeping themselves motivated?

In this post, I share what kinds of goals – in my experience – work well for us ENFPs and which ones we are most likely to achieve.


Number based goals rarely work for me as well as they do for other people.

What I found that is most likely to succeed for me in terms of setting goals are things about experiences or big changes and specifically, anything that involves people and an impact.

The motivation for me, and I think for most if not all ENFPs, is around people. We love to help others, create experiences or stories for them, contribute in… creating this great event that they get to experience or making a change in their lives.

It’s about the impact. It’s about connecting with people. It’s about creating something.

We like to create something new and original. It doesn’t have to be some work of art but we’d rather have a challenge and something that we actually are working on.

If it’s really easy work, repetitive, or there’s not a lot of risk of failing, it’s going to be really hard to motivate yourself – at least that’s been my experience

If you’re looking at your goals, I would say look at these two elements:

  • Is it related to people? Are you going to get some kind of feedback from what you’re doing?
  • Is it challenging enough? Are you actually doing something that’s going to excite you and energize you?

I think if you apply these two things to setting goals, you’ll find that it becomes a lot easier to achieve your goals and also the process will be a lot more fun.

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