Welcome to Dreams Around The World: Why We Want To Be Part of Your Life

Around here we believe that life is about the memories we create, the stories we share, the people we touch and the person we become in the process.

At Dreams Around The World, you’ll find people who believe every minute of your life has value, and should be valued.

Vacations are mandatory.

Overtime is not.

We believe $5,000 earned with the freedom to travel is more valuable than $10,000 earned while chained to one location.

We also believe, if you’re willing to do things differently, you can have the freedom to travel and still earn the $10,000.

We believe most unhappiness and depression stem from flat-lined lives we are not designed to live.

The cure isn’t a pill; it’s a life re-design.

I’m Dan, the founder of Dreams Around The World. I believe we all have a life’s purpose…most people just don’t look hard enough to find it. I’m still not 100% on my own purpose, but I have a hunch it involves inspiring people to unlock their potential, break free of their fears, and pursue a more admirable life.

This is the greatest time in history to be alive. We now have more opportunities for happiness, growth, and success than ever before.

But to take advantage and thrive in this new world you must equip yourself with a new approach and mindset.

Thank Grandma for her cookies, but politely decline her offers for telling you how to live.


Taking responsibility for, and proactively designing your own life, this is the future. Decide on the kind of life you want and have the guts to pursue it.

Comfort is killing us

Struggle, failure, and pain are all part of the journey to create what it is you really want.

This site is about having the courage to be uncomfortable in your thinking, your doings, and your decisions. It is by being uncomfortable that we’re about to do the things others are afraid to do. By doing the things others fear we’re able to life lives others admire.

Dreams Around The World is a guide, a resource and a community for people who want to pursue an extraordinary life. A life where you set your own terms, earn money doing work you enjoy, and create experiences you’ll smile about sitting by the ocean in 30 years…

The articles, interviews and training you will find here are built upon our 3 mantras:

  1. Avoid The Tourists: Pursue Your Own Path
  2. No Regrets, Just Go For It
  3. Never Settle

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Never Settle,
Dan Johnston
Founder, Dreams Around The World





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