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Or If You Prefer, Join For One Payment of $1295 / €1,150 / £995 here and save about 15%.

The Schedule of Events

  • Initial Recorded Content is Already Available
  • You'll Receive The Course Guide and Core Video Training Immediately When You Join
  • The Intensive Program Runs From November 2019 - February 2020
  • Followed By 8 Months of Group Coaching and Support Calls To Keep You Going

What's Included

  • 6 Video Training Modules (70+ Videos)
  • Interactive Live Training Events
  • Four Month Intensive Training Schedule (including Group Coaching)
  • 8 Months of Small Group Coaching & Support calls (6-10 People)
  • Lifetime Access To Training
  • Online and Offline Access
  • Plug and Play Templates
  • One-on-One Mentorship via Office Hours
  • All The Bonuses

Your investment is 12 payments of $129. 

Stories From Members

The Free Freelancer opened in September 2016 to 13 members. This class, that you have the opportunity to join today, will be the sixth edition of the program.

Craig - Voice and Presence Coach (UK)

***Since recording the video above*** Craig has, well, in his words: "I sold out 3 programs in a row and I'm working with 4 Billion dollar+ law firms and Google - so yeah pretty major corporate clients."

Kelly - Language Learning Coach (UK)

Tara - Copywriter and Web Developer (USA)

Joy Servin - Nurse Turned Health Coach (USA)

I was a bit nervous about signing up for the Free Freelancer - I've never done an online course like this before, and handing money over to this guy I saw on YouTube felt a bit weird!

After all, you can find all this stuff free online, right?

But from the second the course started, I knew I'd made the right decision. The course material is really excellent, but what makes the program so effective are the group calls. I always come away with more clarity and motivation.

You get a lot of one-to-one coaching and support, and Dan's advice is incredibly practical, specific and helpful. As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to get stuck. When I go into a group call, I know I'll get the answers I need - and more importantly, I'll get thoughts, suggestions, and concrete advice I wouldn't have found anywhere else.

I honestly believe the Free Freelancer program is the main reason that I still have a business - and certainly the main reason I'm making a healthy profit!

Dan has helped me with everything from choosing a target market to defining a marketing strategy. The sales training is invaluable and has helped me feel confident selling my services without ever feeling icky or too pushy.

The templates for everything from cold emailing to proposals are worth their weight in gold. Even more valuable, Dan has helped me get my mind right, stop underselling myself, stick to my business plan and keep going strong.

The course has already paid for itself, and I have no doubt will pay dividends long after it's over. If you want to work for yourself, or set up a remote business, this is the course you need. Don't hesitate!

Rosanna Campbell, Copywriter
Rosanna Campbell, Copywriter Madrid, Spain

Dan pulled together a great group of people, he did a fantastic job facilitating discussions, and the content got me thinking in a new way about how to get my business going.

It’s been a year since I completed the Free Freelancer program. I’m actually doing what I want to be doing now and making a living at it.

With Dan’s help, I’ve completely turned the corner on what seemed like an eternal (6+ years) career change process. It’s been a transformational year, and there are several opportunities in front of me now that I could only have dreamed of a year ago.

John Utter, Coach
John Utter, Coach Olympia, Washington

You're very approachable, funny, and engaging, while still staying on topic, and getting through the material in a concise manner. I loved that you were always willing to listen to new ideas and improve, but were also willing to speak up and disagree when you thought someone was giving misleading or bad information.

The group format added a lot of extra value, from advice, to resources, to feedback, to motivation to keep going. I honestly think I would have given up on becoming a freelance writer if it wasn't for this course. Instead of just studying and reading, I've taken my first solid steps, and gained momentum, and that's thanks to your excellent advice. The program was certainly worth the price.

Tara Nelson, Writer and Web Developer
Tara Nelson, Writer and Web Developer Orlando, USA
  • Six Video Training Modules

  • A Minimum of 6 In-Depth and Interactive Training Units (Plus Group Coaching)

  • Lifetime Access To New Content and One Year of Group Coaching

  • Online and Offline Access To Recorded Content, Including via IOS and Android APP

  • Plug and Play Templates for Marketing, Outreach Emails, Proposals and Contracts

  • Individual Feedback and Mentoring

What Happens Next?

If you feel The Free Freelancer might be just what you've been looking for, here's what happens next:

-You complete your initial payment from any of the links on this page.

-After you complete the payment hold tight because this part isn't automated. I'll send you an email within 12 or so hours welcoming you to the program. This email will also contain an invitation to complete your welcome form. Yes, this is a chance for you to write out your life story for me, particularly around your desires and goals for the program. It's best if you complete this before our first live call so I can read it all over beforehand and get to know you better.

-After you complete this form you'll receive the details for our first calls together and everything else you need to set yourself up to succeed in the program.

At this point you will gain access to:

-Instructions for joining our first meeting.

-The video training content (modules 1-6) which serve as a foundation for our live training and the rest of the program.

Join The Free Freelancer For Just 12 x $129 / €115 / £99

Join The Free Freelancer

Or If You Prefer, Join For One Payment of $1295 / €1150 / £995 here and save about 15%.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I really want to do this but I can't even imagine what I would do, or what my business would look like yet. Is this going to help? +

You need to be honest with yourself, and me, here.

This is for you if:

  • You're already a Freelancer, Coach, or Consultant (we've had members with over 20 years experience).
  • You're just starting out as a Freelancer, Coach, or Consultant and you know what you want to do, you just need help executing and learning the business skills.
  • You have some skills, experience, or ideas but are struggling to commit to one and pull the trigger.
  • You really want this, but can't imagine it because you just haven't spent time with other people who do it.

This probably isn't for you if:

  • You really have no idea what you want to do and you're hoping somebody will "solve it for you".
  • You've been struggling or dabbling for 5 or more years and still aren't any clearer on what you want.
  • You don't feel confused about what to do, but rather, feel ambivalent and don't really care.


I hate travelling, can I still take this? +

This is primarily BUSINESS training with no set prescription for how or where you should live.

With that said, if you just don't want to travel a lot that is totally OK, but if you HATE travelling then you're probably weird and I don't want you to take my program.

What if I have a family, child, and/or pet? +

Yes, Yes, and Yes! The difference between location independence and life design, and becoming a "digital nomad" is choice.

Join me and you'll learn how to become location independent and have the ability to design your life how YOU want it to be. 

This means you could apply this training to work from home, spend summers at the cottage with your children, or, well, anything. There is no prescribed lifestyle with this training.

How much time do I need to commit to this? +

In terms of the actual training, including exercises and recommended resources, you will need to be able to commit 2-3 hours each week on average.

In terms of the time required to be starting your business while you go through the training, there are a few variables here:
--Are you already trained in a skill you could (and want to) offer as a freelancer?
--Do you have a network or other business resources already, or are you starting from scratch?
--Do you want to deep dive and commit to paid clients within 90 days?

Depending on these factors, you could commit between 5 and 40 hours each week :)

Does it matter if I'm not on Facebook or Social Media? +


Not to me it doesn't! The strategies we'll focus on are not based around social media and will work great even if you prefer to keep a low profile.

Based on popular demand, I have now added a Facebook group for students to interact but it is not required and it is not the core of the training (we didn't have the group during the first class, people asked for it after we finished).

What are the "Office Hours"? +

We're going back to University with office hours. Basically, I make myself available during certain times most weeks throughout the training. These hours will be posted, and you'll be able to book 20 minute meetings with me whenever you need to dive deeper into a topic or discuss something more personal or specific to your situation.

What about being in different timezones and scheduling of the calls? +

So, so far people from 102 countries have viewed the free training videos I put up earlier this month.

And being a group of internationally minded people, it makes sense we will have students in many different timezones.

Have no fear, I've been coaching clients from around the world since 2013 and have timezones mastered.

I always do a few things to ensure everyone has full participation in the course including:

  • Surveying members on timezones and availability to pick the best times.
  • Varying the time of coaching and training calls so that even if you are off on an island you'll be able to attend some of the training live.
  • Ensuring you have access to video replays of all training even if you can't attend live.
I'm a bit older, as in, my children are about to leave home older, and I'm worried about the technology side of things? Is this for me? +

It's a great question. Yes this is possible for almost anyone who is relatively smart and willing to work BUT you should be aware of any weaknesses, like, with technology.

Keep these weaknesses in mind while you are planning your business.

There are many successful companies conducted primarily over the phone and email (consulting businesses).

Use your past experience and build a business based on that, not on technology, and you can do great. I'm here to help you do it.

The first two classes of The Free Freelancer had members from all age groups and they contributed to the group and took a lot from it.