The Truth About INTJs

“When it comes to personality psychology, I’ve always found the best place to look is personal connections.”

INTJs – What’s The Deal With Them?

Are INTJs stuck up and boring?!

For people who are new to MBTI and personality psychology, INTJ personality type is often mistaken for an ISTJ or ESTJ who…let’s just say really, really like rules.

So what’s the real truth about INTJs?

Us ENFPs have a good connection with INTJs, which may be surprising to a lot of people.

When it comes to the 16 personalities and the level of knowledge one has in personality psychology, while reading and watching videos may be really helpful, I’ve found that the best place to look is personal connections.

I’ve spent a good amount of quality time with Rowan, my Little INTJ Brother from The Big Brothers Program.

His life experience reveals some of the awesome INTJ superpowers.

You can listen to my Podcast interview with Rowan here:

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