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"The Free Freelancer experience combines brilliant, effective, on-point coaching with the accountability of what I'd imagine a good "mastermind" group to be. It's a powerful hybrid that I haven't seen anywhere else.

I've found tremendous value in Dan's knowledge of personality types, freelancing, marketing, mindset, and business chops. Dan's been able to both challenge and empower me to grow as a freelancer, entrepreneur, and human being. With brilliant doses of genuine group support and friendly laughs sprinkled throughout, this course is a jewel and the real deal. Dan is a genius. Dan is the man."

-Nathan, Free Freelancer Member Since September 2016

Read on if you crave more freedom, control, and challenge in your life...

-Master the business side of working for yourself

-Become the boss of your own location and schedule

-Move towards earning $100+ per hour

Location Independence is the ability to live wherever you want while maintaining (or growing) your income.

Move to an exotic country for a year, or change places every few months...

What about just working from home and having more free time for your fitness, friends, or family?

The choice is yours.

My job is to help set you up so you have the freedom to make this choice. Stick with me and I promise I'll do my best to get you there.

OK, "job" might not be the right word. I haven't had a "job" in about a decade. But you know what I'm saying.

Ah yes, Jana, the one that got away...well, actually, the one that just stayed put...

I remember meeting Jana in 2015.

She handled new accounts at my bank in Prague. From the moment she advised me I could pay less fees and get more at her competitor it was clear she (fortunately) was not cut out for banking.

Jana hated her job but couldn't seem to leave. She wanted more from life than "working for these idiots and being a slave in their machine".

She wasn't sitting idly by. She was smart, ambitious, and willing to learn. She had read the Four Hour Work Week twice. She was reading business books and looking for ways to make the life she wanted.

It seemed like the more she read the more she experienced information overload, overwhelm, and confusion.

A perfect recipe for inaction if I've ever seen one.

And after a 40 hour work week, she hardly had the time or energy to work on her 4 hour one. And though she didn't say it, it was pretty clear that fear was her biggest limiting factor.

How do you make the jump from being a student, then a 9-5 employee, to working entirely for yourself? I could tell it was hard for her to even imagine doing it.

I think I might have been the first real person she met who had the kind of life she wanted.

Jana, and many others like her I've met along my travels, are why you're reading this page right now. They are the reason I felt I had to make this training, a  comprehensive program for those with the courage to dream of creating the life they really want.

This is not for everyone. I mean both this course, and this life. Freedom isn't easy.

When you decide to work for yourself and take charge of your life you must take on more responsibility. You take ownership. You do what needs to be done.  For me, and many like me, we made the choice because we prefer this over Monday Morning Dread or the frustration of working for idiots and feeling like your work doesn't make any difference.

If you feel like you're on our side in terms of the life you want, then I encourage you to keep reading and see if this training is a good fit for you.

What's Your Fantasy? Come can tell me!

Monday morning Jana wakes up almost overwhelmed with dread.

She's tired of this. She's tired of working for someone else. She's tired of having the same empty conversations day after day. She's tired of pretending she cares about meaningless work.

She's tired of counting the minutes until lunch...tired of counting the hours until the can go home...the days until the weekend.

And by now, you're probably tired of reading about Jana.

So let's focus on you for a minute or two.

Imagine waking up at 8:25. Not because of an alarm, but because you're ready to work.

As soon as you wake your mind turns on. You're buzzing with ideas.

You fumble with your phone. Not to check email or messages, but to connect your bluetooth and start streaming your favourite morning music.

(Personally mine is called "Tropical Chillout"...but you do you).

You turn up the tunes and go about your morning routine.

You've got a big client meeting in the afternoon and a ton of new ideas came to you last night. As you do the breakfast thing you clarify some of these ideas.

After breakfast you grab your computer and head out. You decide to walk to your favourite cafe, since the walk is a great time to think and to listen to a new audiobook or podcast (it's your fantasy not mine, you decide!).

You sit down at the cafe and attempt to order your usual drink in the local language.

The server gives you a big smile and (as they always do) replies in English "so the usual".

As you open your laptop and get ready to work you feel this overwhelming emotion. It's a mix of calm, of gratitude, and a euphoric sense of appreciation. You say to yourself "I did it. This is my life now."

"Sorry, did you say something?" the French/Spanish/Australian (it's your fantasy) man/woman/other sitting across from you asks.

But before you even have a chance to reply, they add:

"Oh by the way, I'm a very rich/famous/intelligent model/actor/author/world-leader and I am recently single.

Would you like to join me on my private jet/yacht/penthouse/villa this weekend?" (once again it's your fantasy, stop making me write out every last detail for you. Seriously, I got things to do.)

What's up with this Dan Guy?!

If you haven't been a long term subscriber you might be wondering who I am, and why I'm your man.

No, not in a sexy naked man kind of way, but in your awesome, inspiring teacher and partner in freedom kind of way.

So here's my deal.

I'm loud, obnoxious, and occasionally offensive...but I know what I'm talking about and my clients and students get results.

I like long walks on the beach, old European cities, and everything related to Latin culture and countries...I mean, except the drug violence, machismo culture, and insane levels of corruption.

OK, mostly I just like the beaches, music, and fruity drinks.

I love the shit out of freedom and I hate the idea of good people feeling trapped, working jobs they hate, or feeling like they're wasting their lives.

I also have an unhealthy level of attachment to your success and care way too much about helping each and every person I meet achieve their dreams.

Freelancing, coaching, and consulting are the best ways to work for yourself, design your own life, and if you choose, have the freedom to live around the world.

I left Canada in January of 2012 while working as a struggling freelance copywriter and have been living around the world since. And pretty much from Day 1 I've been encouraging others to work for themselves and create a life of freedom and choice.

And since the beginning I've always wanted something, anything, I could point someone to when they inevitably say... "Wow you're living the kind of life I always wanted, how can I do it!?"

Along the way I've lived in 6 countries, written and published 12 books (on personality psychology, confidence, and marketing), and helped a whole bunch of people have more say over their own lives.

The Schedule of Events

  • Initial Recorded Content is Already Available
  • You'll Receive The Course Guide and Core Video Training Immediately When You Join
  • The Intensive Program Runs From November 2018 - February 2019
  • Followed By 8 Months of Group Coaching and Support Calls To Keep You Going

What's Included

  • 6 Video Training Modules (70+ Videos)
  • Interactive Live Training Events (minimum of 6)
  • Four Month Intensive Training Schedule
  • Followed By 8 Months of Group Coaching & Support calls
  • Online and Offline Access
  • Plug and Play Templates
  • One-on-One Mentorship via Office Hours
  • All The Bonuses

Your investment is 12 payments of $129. 

Stories From Current Members

The Free Freelancer opened in September 2016 to 13 members. This class, that you have the opportunity to join today, will be the fifth edition of the program.

If you're reading this, then I am still in the process of adding more video testimonials, and testimonials from the most recent students...but seriously...if the 20 or so on this page aren't enough I can only assume you just hate my haircut.

Craig - Presence Coach (UK)

Tara - Writer and Web Developer (USA)

Can You Really Freelance Full Time?

Kelly - Language Learning Coach (UK)

Angelo - Marketing Expert & Consultant (Italy / Amsterdam)

Dan pulled together a great group of people, he did a fantastic job facilitating discussions, and the content got me thinking in a new way about how to get my business going.

It’s been a year since I completed the Free Freelancer program. I’m actually doing what I want to be doing now and making a living at it.

With Dan’s help, I’ve completely turned the corner on what seemed like an eternal (6+ years) career change process. It’s been a transformational year, and there are several opportunities in front of me now that I could only have dreamed of a year ago.

John Utter
John Utter Olympia, Washington

I can’t express enough enthusiasm for Dan’s training The Free Freelancer.

Starting your own business is not an easy endeavour. In my case, I developed an interest in location independence through one of Dan’s courses. I thought it would be something to keep in mind for the future and thought it was not something I could realize in short-term.

However, when Dan started The Free Freelancer program, things changed rapidly. With every meeting, lesson, and one-on-one coaching, my interest developed in something bigger. By investing my time continuously in Dan’s training, the idea become more real and eventually, within reach.

I knew that taking part of this training wouldn’t give me guaranteed success, and it would really depend on myself and the amount of effort I would put in realizing my business. But by taking part of this training, I gained a lot of personal insights. And these are definitely things I still benefit from today in my journey.

One thing: you can’t do anything solely by yourself. Especially in such a life changing endeavour as this. Learning from others who are in the same journey, expressing your doubts and fears, learning to open up to people all across the world; these are fundamental skills a real entrepreneur should own. And this is not something you can learn in a day or two.

The Free Freelancer is an investment for everyone who is ambitious and want to reach further. What you get from it really depends on yourself and what you need. But you’ll have lots of resources and lessons you can benefit from forever.

Dan’s approach is honest and personal, he’s an expert in understanding people and providing advice on your own path. Oh, and he is also super funny – I’ve laughed my ass off more than once during the training.

Tamar Slooves
Tamar Slooves Tilburg, The Netherlands

You're very approachable, funny, and engaging, while still staying on topic, and getting through the material in a concise manner. I loved that you were always willing to listen to new ideas and improve, but were also willing to speak up and disagree when you thought someone was giving misleading or bad information.

The group format added a lot of extra value, from advice, to resources, to feedback, to motivation to keep going. I honestly think I would have given up on becoming a freelance writer if it wasn't for this course. Instead of just studying and reading, I've taken my first solid steps, and gained momentum, and that's thanks to your excellent advice. The program was certainly worth the price.

Tara Nelson
Tara Nelson Orlando, USA

I heard about the location independent lifestyle from newspapers and blog posts.

The idea seems to be sensible as Mark Twain said "The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.”

Then I started to research the issue on the internet. I mean, real research that lasted 6 months.

I read several blogs, subscribed to several freelancer sites to learn more and to make the right decision for my freelancing path.

And one day I received an email from Dan about "The Free Freelancer" program.

The most appealing part of the program for me is having an interactive classroom concept. Because in most similar coaching programs they have just templates (they call it blueprints) and these templates probably wouldn't match with your unique needs.

So I made my decision to go with Dan.

I decided what I wanted but I had a concern. I was attending the course from Turkey and I was wondering if I could adapt this course to my own situation.

Now I can answer that question. Yes, it was possible with the help of Dan and my classmates.

When the course started, I still had some doubts. But Dan has always exceeded my expectations during the 3 months period. He has a deep knowledge and extensive experience from his hundreds of former students. On the other hand he has a supernatural gift to help you find out your own strengths. Don't get surprised when you say "wow that's a great idea to grow my business."

The lessons were a lot fun and efficient with crazy metaphors. You had the chance to watch replay videos if you missed a lesson. Also there were several booklets which guided me quite well while I was developing my online assets.

It has been just 3 months. I have already set up my personal page for my services and been in touch with several customers for freelancing. And most importantly, I know the path I need to follow and have the confidence for my freelancing career.

If you are on the fence, don't hesitate. Just go with Dan. For sure you will be satisfied and thankful for the things that you will achieve.

Ugur Kerti
Ugur Kerti Mersin, Turkey

Before I began this program, I was in the wind a bit. I was a writer but I only had the work that somehow dropped in my lap -- the Free Freelancer helped me find a niche, rework my website, and put a plan in place to up my rates and seek out the kinds of work and clients that that I want, not just those scraps that land within arms reach.

Dan is honest, good-humored, and straightforward -- he understands the struggles and doubts a budding freelancer has because he's had them, too, and he's not afraid to discuss his missteps as part of the journey to his success.

While this course offers the added component of teaching about location independence, that's really only an offshoot of it's more fundamental mission -- to help an early-stage freelancer take control of his or her career, schedule, and happiness.

Marty Moran
Marty Moran Cincinnati, USA

Join The Free Freelancer For Just 12 x $129 / €109 / £95

Join The Free Freelancer

Or If You Prefer, Join For One Payment of $1295 / €1095 / £965 here and save about 15%.

Why People Fail To Achieve The Freedom They Want, Or Are Forced To Return To a Job After Working For Themselves

  • 1

    Forgetting It's a Business

    Ever look at the kinds of photos "Digital Nomads" love to post?
    They are usually some combination of:
    Laptop + beach/hammock/view + smiling friends.
    Ever taken your laptop to the beach? Goodluck. Within 15 minutes the sand will clog the fans, the sun will raise the temperature, and you're going to have a 2nd degree burn on your wrists and your...well, hopefully just your wrists.
    A lot of people fail at achieving, or sustaining, this lifestyle because they see it as a vacation or a "way out".
    Those who succeed do so because they have enough respect for themselves and for business to invest and treat it seriously.

  • 2

    No Peer Group

    I can remember when I met my first billionaire. That one moment was so incredible, the energy so electric, the air so...
    Just kidding. It was nothing special.
    People are people...BUT, we are wired to build our reality based on the people we know and who we are exposed to.
    So when you're just start out it can be very hard to believe this kind of life is possible.
    Often people initially deny it is even possible "No, he is just a scam artist. It's bs. No one can do that"...
    Then, often thanks to social media, the proof becomes overwhelming, so our subconscious shifts us to "OK, they got lucky, but I could never do that..."
    They say never meet your hero, and one reason for that is you realize they aren't that different from you. As you adjust your peer group, whether online, on skype, or face to face, you realize that the people doing it aren't that different from you.

  • 3

    No Accountability or Deadlines

    I've been coaching aspiring location independent entrepreneurs for a few years and my biggest advice goes back to a quote from Will Smith "I don't have a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A".
    I'm not saying you should quit your job immediately, but having a clear deadlines and an individual or a group you are accountable to is a MUST...or you may end up dragging your feet for years.

  • 4

    No Strategic Focus

    I GET IT!
    You think I don't get it? I've published 12 books in 3 totally different subject areas! While I am pouring my blood sweat and tears into this very training there are a dozen other ideas I have in Evernote that could be very profitable...
    I know what it is like to struggle with focus 🙂
    But if you want to succeed, you need to find a way to evaluate your options, make a decision on where you can have the highest return on effort, then and then focus and continuously take action.

  • 5

    Information Overwhelm (and S.O.S.)

    Last month I saw a packaged being promoted that included around 50 books, 6 courses, and a bunch of free software trials. 50 books all telling you how to make a business? If they are all in agreement, why read 50 books saying the same thing? Or, they say opposite confusing will that be?
    WOW! A $2.2 Million Dollar value for just $27!
    This might be the biggest reason people fail to even get started, let alone succeed.
    There are SO MANY options out there, and unfortunately, too many people promoting their own ideas. The more you learn the more overwhelming it feels and ultimately the more confused you can become...which leads us to #6...

  • 6

    No Roadmap

    So the only reason you would be evaluating all the different options for working for yourself would be if you were new to it, right? Well, if you're new to it, how the heck are you supposed to know what is the right option? Until you really understand business, and the community, and options around freelancing and consulting, it's impossible to objectively know what is the right option for you. Throw in point #5, and the amount of biased information out there, well, it can be quite a nightmare.

Direct, Honest, and Practical training for Current and Aspiring Freelancers, Coaches, and Consultants.

  • Design Your Business Around YOU

    Turn your talent or hobby into a serious business income while still having fun. This means planning your marketing and other business areas around your natural skills and the things you enjoy doing.

  • Work For Yourself and Design Your Own Future

    Develop your business and start earning good money during your first 12 weeks, regardless of where you live.

  • Morning or Evenings? You Decide. Make Time For The 5 Fs

    To be successful you are going to need some kind of routine (at least most of the time) and the ability to put in consistent time. The great part though, is that you can design this routine and these working hours around YOU and your life.

  • Feel Appreciated and Admired For Your Work

    Develop the mindset of a well paid and highly valued freelancer and consultant.

  • A Little Urgency Goes a Long Way

    Those with a sense of urgency reach their goals faster. If you feel like you’ve been progressing too slowly, or aren’t happy with your results, get ready to see things change. We’re going to move fast. If you’re just starting out, expect your first paying client within 4-12 weeks depending on your previous business experience and the amount of time you can dedicate.

  • Enjoy The Now AND Build a Great Future

    What is up with this “either or” world of ours? Why can’t someone be funny and thoughtful? Why can’t food be healthy and taste good? It can. Inside you’re going to learn how to enjoy your life now, starting this year, while also building a business you can grow into a serious asset in the long run.

The Six Core Training Modules

  • Module 1 - The Foundation of Freedom

    YES, this is primarily business training, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun too right?

    While our #1 priority is making you some money, I’ve include this part here in the course for a reason. Thinking about the travel and freedom you’ll have can be really inspiring and will help motivate you as you go through the rest of the course.

    And as you’ll learn inside, the #1 rule of location independence is to spend less than you earn. That’s why it’s important to save where you can while you’re progressing to the $100+ an hour range.

  • Module 2 - Your Personal Path To Freedom

    In this module you’re going to learn all the different routes to a life of freedom, why I believe freelancing is the absolute best route for you right now, and the one mindset trick that could save you years of stagnation and regret.

  • How to develop and refine your self knowledge so you can focus on the right things
  • 10 different freelancing opportunities, plus how to create your own
  • How to spot sleazy marketers and "too good to be true" offers
  • How to apply the 70% rule for making decisions and moving forward
  • Module 3 - Dan's Freedom MBA

    Most Online “Business” Training Misses One Important Element: BUSINESS! Well, you already know I like to do things a little differently. So we’re going to be learning some important business skills here.

  • Essential business lessons to help you make better decisions on how and where to invest your time and money
  • How to become a sales superstar (even if you hate confrontation, or vomit at the idea of cold calling)
  • How to become confident in sales situations and discussions around money
  • The Values Mindset for skyrocketing your freelance income
  • Branding 101: How NOT to spend your money during your first year in business.
  • Taxes for location independent freelancers (including some ideas for lowering them)
  • Module 4 - Advanced Business Training - Confidence, Negotiation, and Giving Maximum Value, The Perfect Proposal and Sales Process

    This is the part of the course where you can earn back your investment ten or twenty-fold.

  • How to sell without selling, and without pressure, in a way that builds trust and strong relationships with your clients
  • How to consistently raise your rates and keep charging more (so you reach the $100+ per hour range)
  • How to increase your rates with existing clients (this can be tricky, but there is a way)
  • How to deal with difficult clients and uncomfortable conversations around money
  • How to set up the perfect proposal to wow clients and maximize your income (this is the same proposal format I've used to close $10,000 deals)
  • Module 5 - How To Get HEAPS of Clients...Even If You're a Little Shy

    I don’t know about you, but as a kid I learnt not to argue or talk back.

    Ever since those awkward family dinners I’ve been uncomfortable with confrontation.

    As you might imagine, this typically isn’t a good thing for sales and business.

    Fortunately for you, my decade or so struggle trying to figure out how to generate business and get clients without having to cold call or hard sell, while painful for me, is your gain.

    You have a chance to learn everything I’ve figured out about getting clients without being aggressive or “selling” in any of those gross traditional aways.

    And to be clear, I got really good at this. The scripts, sales processes, and proposals you’ll learn helped me turn 1 out of every 2 consultations into a paying client, and helped me secure projects for $10,000+ with only one or two meetings…all held over skype while I travelled the world.

  • A marketing strategy designed around YOU
  • A surefire way to consistently bring in clients from anywhere in the world
  • The ultimate marketing strategy for artists and creators
  • The difference between the most enjoyable (and profitable) clients, and the types of clients most new freelancers end up working with
  • How to prevent feast and famine and maintain a steady stream of business
  • Module 6 - Mastery and Lifelong Freedom

    You know what would really suck?

    If you figured all this out, got your business going, started earning some good money, moved to your dream destination, and told EVERYONE you know how you’re finally living the dream…

    #FaceBook brags…

    Then messed it all up and had to move back home with your folks…

    Or your cats…

    That would really suck, and I don’t want you to have to do that.

    In this final module we are going to cover a wealth of essential knowledge and strategies to KEEP you location independent for…

    Drum roll please…


    In this final module you’ll learn everything you know to stay and thrive location independent, including:

  • Design YOUR Perfect Day For Productivity AND Fun
  • Time Management and Productivity For Normal People
  • How To Manage, and Make The Most Out Of, Your Willpower
  • Staying Healthy, Focused, and Social While Working For Yourself
  • Growing Beyond Freelancing To Add Additional Sources of Income

Support, Accountability, and Extras

  • Online, Offline, and App Access

  • Plug and Play Templates for Marketing, Outreach Emails, Proposals and Contracts

  • Office Hours For One-on-One Support

  • Accountability Program

  • 12 Months Alumni Access

  • Time zone Friendly Scheduling

Interactive Training Events

Stories From Current Members

The Free Freelancer opened in September 2016 to 13 members. This class, that you have the opportunity to join today, will be the fourth edition of the program.

If you're reading this, then I am still in the process of adding more video testimonials, and testimonials from the most recent students...but seriously...if the 20 or so on this page aren't enough I can only assume you just hate my haircut.

Marty - Copywriter (USA)

Nathan - Copywriter & Consultant (Canada)

Rachael - Copywriter (Australia / France)

What's Dan Actually Like In The Program?

Join The Free Freelancer For Just 12 x $129 / €109 / £95

Join The Free Freelancer

Or If You Prefer, Join For One Payment of $1295 / €1095 / £965 here and save about 15%.

Extra One-on-One
12 x $199
  • Includes The Free Freelancer, Plus:
  • Six One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • Use The Sessions Whenever You Wish within 6 Months
  • Even More Personal Attention
  • Make The Fastest Possible Progress
  • Limited Quantities Available
Join Now

Designed For Those Who Demand Even More One-on-One Personal Attention. Just 12 Payments of $199 / €169 / £149 here. Alternatively, join for one payment of $1,995 here and save about 15%.

  • Six Video Training Modules

  • A Minimum of 24 Interactive Training, Support, and Group Coaching Calls

  • One Year Access To New Content, Live Training, and Group Coaching (and Lifetime Access To Anything Released During This Year)

  • Online and Offline Access To Recorded Content, Including via IOS and Android APP

  • Plug and Play Templates for Marketing, Outreach Emails, Proposals and Contracts

  • Individual Feedback and Mentoring

Calendar of Events

Preliminary Schedule of Interactive Training

Below you'll find the tentative schedule for the focused (topic specific) training. In addition to these, there will be regularly schedule group coaching, accountability, and support calls as well as office hours to support you in applying and implementing the training in your own business.


  • Week One - Finding Your Focus

  • Week Two - Creating Your Perfect Productivity Routine

  • Week Four - Marketing Master-plan Training

  • Month Two - Negotiation and Confidence Training

  • Month Two - Consultative Selling

  • Month Two - Bonus Released: Freelancer Internet Marketing Fundamentals (Downloadable Content)

  • Month Two - Creating a 5 Figure Proposal

  • Month Two - Website Training and Creation

  • Month Three - How To Catapult Yourself To Expert Status with Speaking, Writing, or Workshops

  • Month Three - Downloadable Content Released: Copywriting Secrets For Freelancers PLUS

  • Month Four - How You Can Turn Your Passion Into An Additional Income Stream

  • Month Four - Additional Bonuses and Training Released

Office Hours

We're going back to University with office hours. Basically, I make myself available during certain times most weeks throughout the training. These hours will be posted, and you'll be able to book 20 minute meetings with me whenever you need to dive deeper into a topic or discuss something more personal or specific to your situation.

Group Coaching, Accountability and Support

In addition the recorded content and the structured live training shown above, there will be regularly scheduled group coaching, accountability, and support calls to support you in applying and implementing the training in your own business.

Pre-Recorded Content & Resources

Keep reading and you'll find details on all the recorded content included in the program. In total the library includes over 70 videos broken into 6 modules to serve as your foundation. Watch them all, or cherry pick the ones you need as you need them based on your situation.

More From Free Freelancer Members

Dan Johnston is an amazing Freelancer and Geo-Independent guide. He can guide you over the many pitfalls and traps of being an business person starting out. If you go out into the world of business for the first time, Dan is the "Shurpa" you need to build a basecamp and summit safely.

Jacky Cheong
Jacky Cheong Washington, USA

This is for solopreneurs who are either just starting out, or who have been trying to make their business more profitable but feel they lack basic knowledge about how to do that. It provides essential and basic information on a variety of relevant subjects solopreneurs need to know, and you get supported too.

You were terrific as teacher and trainer - more than I expected or hoped for. As coach, for my situation, you gave me the essential information I was looking for, but you weren't familiar enough with my type of situation to help me a lot that way - and I never expected you to be. You provided the information I wanted from this program and more. You answered many questions that provided much useful information for me I would never have even thought to ask.

Having a clear understanding of what I have to do, and how to do it, to support my business goals. That has significantly affected how I spend my days, and I am getting a lot more accomplished. You have helped me finally switch my identity and daily behaviors from bureaucrat to business person.

Susan Pfadt
Susan Pfadt Delaware, USA

You have a brilliant ability to hone in on our presenting questions and concerns. Even if my description of the issue is difficult to articulate (since I'm still learning and processing the info), you find a way to address the underlying issue and question on target. Also, you articulate complex ideas very clearly and in words that make sense to me. Brilliant, inspiring, and I've learned a lot for both my own freelancing career as well as my own approach to coaching/counselling/consulting.

1. Time management/mastery has generally improved. At the very least, I've been more aware of when I'm being productive and/or wasting time. 2. Consultative selling and expert positioning was huge. I managed to use the skills for a client I landed (just these past couple weeks in December) for some white paper editing and maybe more future gigs. And I had never ever worked in their field before (they do ecommerce and retail tech). But I was able to sound like I knew what I was talking about. 3. Mindset. My biggest challenge, as you know. But I honestly believe that this course, your coaching help, in concert with my own inner work has been absolutely huge for me. Still a ways to go, but I'm way farther along than I was before this course.

Yes. Improving mindset, time mastery/productivity, and hitting short-term income goals were probably my biggest goals for this course. I remember in one of our first coaching calls (in September), I mentioned income goals of around $1000-1500 by December. At one point in November, I think I raised that to $4000. I won't hit $4000, but with this one client I got (thanks in large part to the consultative selling module + mindset tips), I have landed a client that lets me hit the December goal of minimum $1500, and up to $2000. So I've at least exceeded my initial income goal. There's also potential for more funds from them if all goes well. I just barely hit the income goal (in part because I just got the client in December lol), but without this course, I don't believe I would have even gotten this kind of client, or even know how to court them.

To sum things up: The Free Freelancer experience combines brilliant, effective, on-point coaching with the accountability of what I'd imagine a good "mastermind" group to be. It's a powerful hybrid that I haven't seen anywhere else, and super helpful. One of Dan's greatest strengths is his understanding of Myers-Briggs personality types and how that influences and impacts our challenges and strengths. As an INFP type, I've found tremendous value in Dan's knowledge of personality types, freelancing, marketing, mindset, and business chops. Dan's been able to both challenge and empower me to grow as a freelancer, entrepreneur, and human being. With brilliant doses of genuine group support and friendly laughs sprinkled throughout, this course is a jewel and the real deal. Dan is a genius. Dan is the man.

Nathan To
Nathan To Vancouver, Canada

What Would a Sales Page Be Without Bonuses?


fade-leftfade-rightBonus 1 - Copywriting Secrets For Freelancers PLUS Marketing Fundamentals For The Internet and Beyond

Copywriting is the single most important tool for your business. This bonus will skyrocket you to the elite 5% or less of entrepreneurs and freelancers who really understand marketing and sales writing.

(Valued At $300)


fade-leftfade-rightBonus 2 - Catapult Yourself To Expert Status with Speaking, Writing, or Workshops

One of the big jumps I made in my own business was after I started giving small presentations. Before my first one I had almost no public speaking experience and was super nervous, but after a few pints I pulled it off and was rewarded for my efforts for years to follow.

(Valued At $200)


fade-leftfade-rightBonus 3 - Creating Your Perfect Productivity Routine

You'll attend a 90 minute live planning webinar where you'll go through a process for defining your most valuable activities. You'll then design a schedule for being insanely productive while leaving lots of time for fun.

(Valued At $90)


fade-leftfade-rightBonus 4 - Turning Your Passion With Additional Revenue Streams

During this live training we'll look at how you can go beyond the usual options and create a unique business based around a very particular passion. Scrapbooking coach anyone?

(Valued At $300)

-My Triple Guarantee-

Dan Johnston,

If after 30 days of joining The Free Freelancer you are not completely satisfied or feel it was a wrong decision, simply email me and I'll refund your money.

A Free Freelancer Member Wrote Me This Letter To Share

"As a former participant in Dan Johnston's Freelance Freelancer Course, I want to make a few comments about the course and about Dan himself.

But first, I want to talk about me, lol.

I started my company in 1987 and ran that successfully until 2010, when family circumstances forced me to attend to matters other than my business.

When in 2016 I decided to return to my profession of Business Consultant, I realized that there were a lot of things which had changed dramatically. I was used to travel to various parts of the world to assist my clients. I operated with agents and through mail order advertising.

I was unfamiliar with internet marketing, working location independent, on line meetings, electronic fulfillment, and (oh horror) marketing my services through a website.

So I looked for a bridge to the new era, someone with the knack to deal with an old hand and help him make the transition to the "new world" without too many frustrations.

Who do I meet online?? Some Canadian guy, with a smooth video talking about a topic I knew something about, Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP. I was impressed! He knew his stuff and brought it to his audience in a very professional yet relaxed manner.

I followed some bits of his free seminars, and became actually more impressed. (He gives away too much for free, lol).

So when he offered a course about internet marketing and such, The Freelance Freelancer, I was very much interested and enrolled.

I am very glad I did, and frankly, I couldn't have afforded not to take his course!

Worth every penny and then some! He has this nice laid back style, he appears nonchalant in his addressing of complicated topics, making you accept that they are easy, and hot dang, I learned a lot more than I would have thought possible!

Regardless if you are just starting up, or are an "old hand" looking to refresh and/or upgrade your skills, you will benefit from his training.

He certainly got me up to speed with many items and issues I had little or no knowledge about and reminded me of many things I had forgotten.

I fully recommend to take one of his courses! He is fun, he is cool, and more than that, he solidly knows his stuff!

Thanks Dan, it was a pleasure participating in your course!"

-Mack Meyer, Presently travelling somewhere in Europe

Tara - Writer & Web Developer (USA)

Final Call

This is the part where I give you the final nudge and convince you to buy.

It's where I should abuse quotes like "insanity is doing the same thing...."

and say things like "Imagine 20 years from now, you're looking back on your youth, full of regret, and you think...."

Or I could get all persuasive and say something like "Now, imagine if just one of the strategies you'll learn in this course works and you land a client for $5,000. This training would pay for itself, 5x!"

But I'm not going to do that.

Sure, I want to grow my business with this course, but hand on heart, I made this training because one day I want to be sharing a beer with you somewhere in the world and I want to hear how great your life has become because of the decision you made to trust me and join me on one hell of an epic journey.

Join me today and I promise your life will never be the same.

From Prague With Love,

Dan Johnston

  • Six Video Training Modules

  • A Minimum of 6 In-Depth and Interactive Training Units (Plus Group Coaching)

  • Lifetime Access To New Content and One Year of Group Coaching

  • Online and Offline Access To Recorded Content, Including via IOS and Android APP

  • Plug and Play Templates for Marketing, Outreach Emails, Proposals and Contracts

  • Individual Feedback and Mentoring

What Happens Next?

If you feel The Free Freelancer might be just what you've been looking for, here's what happens next:

-You complete your initial payment from any of the links on this page.

-After you complete the payment hold tight because this part isn't automated. I'll send you an email within 12 or so hours welcoming you to the program. This email will also contain an invitation to complete your welcome form. Yes, this is a chance for you to write out your life story for me, particularly around your desires and goals for the program. It's best if you complete this before we speak one-on-one so I can read it all over beforehand and prepare for our call.

-After you complete this form I'll send you all the details for scheduling our one-on-one meeting (they are typically about an hour) to get to know each other better and set you up to succeed in the program.

At this point you will gain access to:

-Instructions for joining our first meeting.

-The video training content (modules 1-6) which serve as a foundation for our live training and the rest of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click Question To Open and See Answer

I really want to do this but I can't even imagine what I would do, or what my business would look like yet. Is this going to help? +

You need to be honest with yourself, and me, here.

This is for you if:

  • You're already a Freelancer, Coach, or Consultant (we've had members with over 20 years experience).
  • You're just starting out as a Freelancer, Coach, or Consultant and you know what you want to do, you just need help executing and learning the business skills.
  • You have some skills, experience, or ideas but are struggling to commit to one and pull the trigger.
  • You really want this, but can't imagine it because you just haven't spent time with other people who do it.

This probably isn't for you if:

  • You really have no idea what you want to do and you're hoping somebody will "solve it for you".
  • You've been struggling or dabbling for 5 or more years and still aren't any clearer on what you want.
  • You don't feel confused about what to do, but rather, feel ambivalent and don't really care.


I hate travelling, can I still take this? +

This is primarily BUSINESS training with no set prescription for how or where you should live.

With that said, if you just don't want to travel a lot that is totally OK, but if you HATE travelling then you're probably weird and I don't want you to take my program.

What if I have a family, child, and/or pet? +

Yes, Yes, and Yes! The difference between location independence and life design, and becoming a "digital nomad" is choice.

Join me and you'll learn how to become location independent and have the ability to design your life how YOU want it to be. 

This means you could apply this training to work from home, spend summers at the cottage with your children, or, well, anything. There is no prescribed lifestyle with this training.

How much time do I need to commit to this? +

In terms of the actual training, including exercises and recommended resources, you will need to be able to commit 2-3 hours each week on average.

In terms of the time required to be starting your business while you go through the training, there are a few variables here:
--Are you already trained in a skill you could (and want to) offer as a freelancer?
--Do you have a network or other business resources already, or are you starting from scratch?
--Do you want to deep dive and commit to paid clients within 90 days?

Depending on these factors, you could commit between 5 and 40 hours each week :)

Does it matter if I'm not on Facebook or Social Media? +


Not to me it doesn't! The strategies we'll focus on are not based around social media and will work great even if you prefer to keep a low profile.

Based on popular demand, I have now added a Facebook group for students to interact but it is not required and it is not the core of the training (we didn't have the group during the first class, people asked for it after we finished).

What are the "Office Hours"? +

We're going back to University with office hours. Basically, I make myself available during certain times most weeks throughout the training. These hours will be posted, and you'll be able to book 20 minute meetings with me whenever you need to dive deeper into a topic or discuss something more personal or specific to your situation.

What about being in different timezones and scheduling of the calls? +


So, so far people from 102 countries have viewed the free training videos I put up earlier this month.

And being a group of internationally minded people, it makes sense we will have students in many different timezones.

Have no fear, I've been coaching clients from around the world since 2013 and have timezones mastered.

I'll be doing a few things to ensure everyone has full participation in the course including:

  • Surveying students on timezones and availability to pick the best times.
  • Varying the time of Q&A and training calls so that even if you are off on an island you'll be able to attend some of the training live.
  • Ensuring you have access to video replay of all training even if you can't attend live.
  •  If we do find ourselves split apart by oceans and timezones, I'm happy to host some of the live training events twice at different times.
I'm a bit older, as in, my children are about to leave home older, and I'm worried about the technology side of things? Is this for me? +

It's a great question. Yes this is possible for almost anyone who is relatively smart and willing to work BUT you should be aware of any weaknesses, like, with technology.

Keep these weaknesses in mind while you are planning your business.

There are many successful companies conducted primarily over the phone and email (consulting businesses).

Use your past experience and build a business based on that, not on technology, and you can do great. I'm here to help you do it.

The first two classes of The Free Freelancer had members from all age groups and they contributed to the group and took a lot from it.

Get Inspired!

Reviews From Past Students and Coaching Clients:

Remember how I told you this program started in 2016? Well, it did, but I've been coaching one-on-one and teaching smaller courses around this area since 2013. The Free Freelancer is multiple times larger and more comprehensive than these past courses, but I thought I'd include some reviews from past students and coaching clients to give you an idea of my teaching style.

There were things I already knew (have done freelancing web design for more than a decade), but there are also a lot of strategies and ideas I never thought about. Professionally presented, very useful and interesting.

Ramona Jar
Ramona Jar

I really enjoyed taking the course and I'm glad that I decided to take it (like I had any good excuses not to). I really love Dan's teaching style. It really kept me focused and eager to take the next lecture (coming from a guy dealing with short attention span). I Highly Recommend that anyone who's considering freelancing take this course!

David Sanchez

This course by Dan Johnston is one of the best, most straight to the point writing lessons/tutorials that I have ever taken. It has given me an entirely new mindset on writing and I really can’t wait to see what the future holds. I will continue to use the advice found here forever.

I highly recommend you take this course if you’re interested in becoming a better, more fluent and confident writer.

Joshua Huff
Joshua Huff

Good, pertinent and relevant information for any Freelancer. Covering the difficult part everyone hates, how to get paid fairly for what you do and how to build and maintain your client list. Information can be utilized by both someone just entering into Freelancing as a business and for the more experienced.

Susan Reynolds

Awesome copywriting course. I run a service business. After doing this course I rewrote my website. Tested it against my old copy and was blown away with the results. Well explained and objectively made me more money. Nice work Dan thanks for the course. Definitely one of the best.

Nick Torrence

I have taken several of Dan's courses and never been disappointed. He always exceeds my expectations by giving valuable tips and practical steps to guide you through the process.

He gets straight to the point without the fluff and at the same time is entertaining so you will better absorb the valuable content he offers. If you're looking to break through to the next level in your business, I highly recommend this course.

Amar Muratovic
Amar Muratovic

If you're a freelancer, as I am, or you're considering becoming one, then this is the course for you.

Dan covers everything from getting your first client to keeping your hopper filled so you're never scrambling around trying to find work. You'll learn the right mindset to ensure success along with strategies to help you navigate some of the more treacherous waters of freelancing, namely how much to charge for your services.

Ray Boreham

Wait until you get to the lesson Dan teaches on "set points" and charging more with existing clients. This one lesson alone will pay for the course on your very next project--guaranteed!

James Willis

I've been a freelancer for 5 years. Am only in the first 5 videos, but I've already found a new way to package my services to the client!


"While I already work from home, I'm not location or money independent (yet!). I've always wanted to travel and live in other countries. I've already traveled some. Looking forward to doing that more! The instructor is knowledgeable and engaging.

Highly recommended Dan and this course!"

Blake Hutchinson

I first contacted Dan about his coaching services after reading a book of his. When I contacted him, my main goal was to start my own business.

During our first call we laid out clear, tangible outcomes related to my goal. I’m happy to report that I achieved my initial six-month goal within 10 weeks of our first call and am now actively working and earning income with my own business.

Krista Simurdak
Krista Simurdak United States

"This course is exactly what I've come to expect from Dan Johnston.

He delivers powerful information in small chunks that allow you to really absorb what he's sharing...He has a true gift of getting straight to the point and awakening your own creative problem solving skills.

Really enjoying this journey! Well worth the investment."

Tammy Schaefer
Tammy Schaefer United States

I started working with Dan in the summer of 2015. For our first 3 months working together, I set the goal to begin my copywriting career and be earning at least €1000 per month.

I’m happy to say I stayed the path, and during my third month as a copywriter I am set to earn almost €2,000.

Jon McGreal
Jon McGreal Living in Barcelona

"Before this course I used to believe that living a life of travels was only for people with big bank accounts and/or a lot of free time, but Dan set a real base for making this dream possible.

It's not a course about of 'How to live on vacation'. It's a complete guide in which you learn how to continue improving your life and money everyday while you travel and get to know people around the world."

Tano Rojas
Tano Rojas Argentina

I had been thinking about starting a Wellness Coaching business but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I was totally overwhelmed with everything I wanted to have in order before I started.

Late one night I came across an article on Dreams Around The World about just going for it and something about Dan’s story really spoke to me.

I was inspired. I told my fears to screw off.

I jumped right in and launched my Wellness Coaching Program and contacted Dan for advice. All I can say is I’m so happy I just went for it!

Using Dan’s “3 New Clients In One Week” strategy I actually had 4 paying clients within one week of announcing my business, all without spending a penny.

Now I’ve filled up the first round of my 12 week wellness program and I’m already building a waiting list for the next one!

Erin Lee
Erin Lee Vancouver, Canada

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