Jan 2019 ENFJ major jobs and career advice without text min

The Right Career and Major For ENFJs

For an ENFJ, choosing the right major, job, or career is essential to sharing your gifts with the world! You can do SO MUCH, but you’ve got to be on the right path.

Jan 2019 5 Ways Lying Crushes Your Dreams without text min

5 Ways Lying Kills Your Dreams

Words have power and if you make your word mean something and try to speak radical truth, you will find your life gets a lot easier.

Jan 19 Do you REALLY Have bad luck without text min

The Reality of Good and Bad Luck

I’m sure you know someone who is always having bad things happen to them. They can’t wait to tell you about their bad luck…well…here’s what is REALLY happening!

Oct18 what not to spend money on without text min

How I Paid $200 a Month Rent Living In Vancouver BC

How to support yourself financially while going ALL in on your dream if you’re living paycheck to paycheck? I’ve lived in a few places around the world on less than $1000 a month, so I thought to share some tips on massively cutting down your expenses and having maximum lifestyle on moderate income.

Nov 2018 Side hustles and passive income without text min

What I Think About Side Hustles

Whether or not you’re an ENFP, is it better to go ALL IN or to work on a bunch of multiple side businesses, or side hustles, chasing the dragon of passive income?

enfp infp embrace yourself blog without text

Why ENFPs and INFPs Must Embrace Their Personalities and How It Pays

If you still listen to your grandma’s advice about how life, career and success should look like, time to stop – creative personalities, like ENFP or INFP, have a bunch of opportunities nowadays to be extremely successful!

more confident blog without text

How To Be More Confident – 3 Proven Strategies

Having more confidence opens doors in so many areas of life on top of just feeling better and being able to take action and make more happen. However, these days your confidence is being attacked on all sides by everything from Fast Food to Facebook. Well dear reader, I will give you the tools to fight back!

enfp procrastination lifehack blog without text


As an ENFP personality type, we need a special kind of motivation to get us to DO things and finish what we start. How can ENFPs defeat procrastination once and for all?

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