Are You Type A or Type B Personality?

Us ENFPs…Wait! This is another personality theory. Whichever MBTI type you are, do you fit more into the Type A or Type B personality type description?

May 2019 ENFP time management insights without text min

ENFP and INFP Time Management

It’s time for time management…such a fun topic for us ENFPs, right? Don’t worry, this one isn’t so bad. If you’re trying to get more done and turn more of your dreams into reality as an ENFP, there’s one thing you can’t forget.

May 2019 Why some ENFPs are broke without text min

Why Some ENFPs Are Broke

One of the biggest issues that affect us ENFPs, whether it is in health, relationships, our career or business is money issues.

Apr 2019 This type of ENFP always struggles without text min

This ENFP Always Struggles

As you may have guessed, I have met A LOT of ENFPs over the years and I’ve noticed a pattern…

March 2019 3 dissapointing careers for ENFPs without text min

3 Painfully Disappointing Career Choices For ENFPs

I’ve spoken to 100s of ENFPs and I keep hearing these 3 careers come up…careers that sound good “in theory” but in practice can be painfully disappointing career choices for ENFPs.

Feb 2019 Strategies to stay anchored on your goal and on track without text min

How To Set Goals and Follow Through as an ENFP

You’ve got big goals and plans and…well…that was yesterday. Today, you’ve got (different) big goals and plans and…where was I again? Oh right, how to stick to something, stay on track, and reach your goals as an ENFP or INFP.

Jan 2019 Actions Change Attitudes without text min

The Easiest Way To Change Your Attitude and Emotions

When I was younger, and don’t ask me how this was possible being an ENFP, I had (what I thought was) a highly analytical view of the world, all logic. Boy, was I wrong!

Jan 2019 Career Advice For All Idealists ENFP ENFJ INFP INFJ without text min

ENFPs & Idealists – My Awesome Career Advice

What we learn in school and our perspective of how our future career will look like might be completely different from what we experience later on our job.

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