August 18-22nd 2018

Rick Steves won't be at the event, but I haven't filmed a video for the event until I do...I trust Rick to tell you about Prague.

The event will be hosted and lead by me (Dan Johnston) and my team at Dreams Around The World. I will be bringing in some outside speakers and experts to share with you, but I'll be leading the majority of the event.

If you have any questions, just send us an email at [email protected] or a message on Facebook.

Friends, inspiration,insights, knowledge, plans...
...or a beer belly. There is no question:

You will leave Prague with more than you arrived. 

Dan Johnston

The Guy Hosting The Event



August 18th - 22nd 2018 in Prague, Czechia.  No visa required for EU citizens, Americans, Canadians, and, well, most people. 

For more info: [email protected]

Find Out More

Find Out More

This is an intimate event. There will be no more than 12 people present. If you think you might like to be one of them, complete this form. 

Welcome To PRAGUE

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