Marriage, Having a Kid, and Parenting as an ENFP with ADHD

by Dan Johnston

Marriage, Having a Kid, and Parenting as an ENFP with ADHD


ENFP Babies?! ADHD Parents?!

Blog is usually not the place to make big announcements about marriage or having kids…but us ENFPs are a little crazy, right?

OK, OK, sorry for the bait! How could I resist?

I’ve been asked by a fellow ENFP with ADHD if I want children, as someone with the ENFP personality.

It got me pondering whether or not I want children, and more importantly, how I was looking at big decisions like this.

I started thinking about how I was thinking about marriage, parenting, and my future.

Whether or not you’re a parent yet, I want to share some of my insights into this topic that might completely re-frame your thinking about success in life, marriage and having kids.

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