7 Day Seminar - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
April 26th - May 2nd 2018

Dream. Design. Execute.



This is an event for the self-employed, or those planning to get there. We're going to teach you how to find clients, get work done, and find business allies in the best way for you. No one-size-fits-all solutions.


My #1 asset has always been my network of fellow entrepreneurs. I built my entire network by attending events and making friends the old fashioned way. 


You'll be working closely and directly with Dan Johnston. In addition to all the training, you'll also receive personal feedback, planning, and business advice. There's a maximum of 30 attendees. 


What We're Doing

The Life Design Fiesta - With Dan Johnston

April 28th

 Unlocking Your Potential

ALL OF US have blocks. We have patterns, mental barriers and beliefs that have been holding us back. Halving our potential. It's time to remove them.

Both Tickets include

7 Days of events and training

Personal support and accountability

One-on-one access to Dan

Discounts for 2 or more people

Meals and drinks for selected events 

Accommodation assistance

It's going to be AWESOME!

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“I've found tremendous value in Dan's knowledge of personality types, freelancing, marketing, mindset, and business chops. Dan's been able to both challenge and empower me to grow as a freelancer, entrepreneur, and human being.”

Susan Pfat



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April 29th

Personalities, Plans, and Partnerships

What if you could spend 90% of your time doing things you enjoy AND are great at? What if you had a great partner or team who handled everything else?

April 30th

Influence Day

If you want to change your life, or change the world, the MOST important skill is influence. Learn how to influence yourself and others to take action.

May 1st

Coaching Intensives, Plans Into Action

Working in small groups, directly with Dan, you’ll dive deep into challenges and opportunities that could change how you do everything. 

April 26th and 27th

Kickoff Events

You're in a tropical paradise! Relax, unwind, and reflect so you can be at your very best for the event. Memorable and unique social events will be arranged to connect with other guests. 

Get Inspired

Playa del Carmen

Life Design Fiesta

May 2nd

One-on-Ones & Closing Party

On this last day you'll have a 20 minute one-on-one meeting with Dan to review and fine tune your execution plan and be held accountable for taking action and following through. Then you'll get your invitation to the closing celebration, "The Five Year Party".  

Get Your Ticket

Which airport should I fly in from?

The Cancun airport is the most convenient. From there, it's about a 45 minute taxi, bus, or airport transfer service ride to the heart of Playa del Carmen. 

When is the event?

The event runs from April 26th to May 2nd, 2018. If you can only make 4-5 days, the core training will start on April 28th, but if you want to take advantage of extra opportunities to meet some great people and explore Playa del Carmen, you should be here for the 26th and 27th.

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost to attend is $1,295 but at the moment, the current super early bird pricing is just $595. You can hold this price when you fill out the “Hold My Spot” form. There is also a Platinum option (only 6 available) which is currently priced at $1,395 (details on upgrading are available after you sign up). 

How much will accommodation cost?

This depends on how swanky you want your stay to be. If you wish to stay in one of the shared luxury condos we can connect you with, you’ll pay around $50-100 per night. Hotels can be more depending on the luxuries you’d like. We’re happy to help point you in the right direction. 

Depending on demand, we will be arranging a luxury villa for attendees to stay. It will be extremely awesome. 

What if I want to bring a friend or partner?

DO IT! We're offering a 50% discount for anyone who joins you beyond you. You can work out the math together, but it ends up being a 25%+ or higher discount for both of you. So why not bring along a friend? You do not need to sign up at the same time to receive the discount. 

Will there be opportunities to work with Dan one-on-one?

There is a maximum of 30 people at the event. So, within the event itself you'll have plenty of interaction and personal attention from Dan and a one-on-one consultation on the last day. Beyond this, there will be the opportunity to book extended one-on-one time together at an additional cost. 

Will there be other older/young people?

Yes! We always draw a mixed crowd, with lots of representation everywhere from age 20 to 70. 

Is this an all-inclusive package?

No. We wanted to focus on the workshops and self-growth aspects of this trip, and let attendees go with their own preferences. But if you need help getting set up, we'd be more than happy to give you a hand.

How intensive are the workshops? Will I have time to enjoy Playa del Carmen?

Our workshops are going to challenge you but won't drag on for 10 hours a day. You'll have plenty of time to relax, soak up some sun, or connect with your fellow attendees--whatever you want! 

Is the event tax deductible? 

Yes. In most countries, including the USA, the event, flights, meals, and accommodation will all be tax deductible. 

Dan Johnston - Dreams Around The World Email:  events@dreamsaroundtheworld.com

Frequently Asked Questions

“He can guide you over the many pitfalls and traps of being a business person starting out. If you go out into the world of business for the first time, Dan is the "Shurpa" you need to build a basecamp and summit safely.”

Jacky Cheong


What's up with this Dan Guy?

If you haven't been a long term subscriber you might be wondering who I am, and why I'm your man. 

No, not in a sexy naked man kind of way, but in your awesome, inspiring teacher and partner in freedom kind of way.

So here's my deal. 

I'm loud, obnoxious, and occasionally offensive...but I know what I'm talking about and my clients and students get results.

I love the shit out of freedom and I hate the idea of good people feeling trapped, working jobs they hate, or feeling like they're wasting their lives. 

I also have an unhealthy level of attachment to your success and care way too much about helping each and every person I meet achieve their dreams. I've been coaching Entrepreneurs and Freelancers since 2013, including dozens of students in my Free Freelancer training program. I've also taught 10,000s of people via my online courses and YouTube channel

Along the way I've lived in 6 countries, written and published 12 books (on personality psychology, confidence, and marketing), and helped a whole bunch of people have more say over their own lives.

“Dan was terrific as a teacher and trainer - more than I expected or hoped for. He has helped me finally switch my identity and daily behaviors from bureaucrat to business person.”

Nathan To



“Dan’s approach is honest and personal, he’s an expert in understanding people and providing advice on your own path. Oh, and he is also super funny – I’ve laughed my ass off more than once during the training.”

Tamar Slooves



Ugur Kerti




“He has a deep knowledge and extensive experience from his hundreds of former students. On the other hand he has a supernatural gift to help you find out your own strengths. Don't get surprised when you say "wow that's a great idea to grow my business.”

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We're bringing you 7 days of events and intensive workshops. At the end, you'll have a Dan-approved plan for how to work in a way that makes sense for you. Don't worry, you won't be crammed in a conference room 12 hours a day: You'll have plenty of time to enjoy beaches, food, and people. Promise.

VIP Program
April 26 - May 2nd 2018



Early Bird Pricing

Seven Day Program Plus:
All-Inclusive Dinner + Night Out
Post-Event Coaching Call w/ Dan
Two Hour Private, In Person Coaching Session

You can only upgrade to this package after signing up for the regular ticket. 


Seven Day Program
April 26 - May 2nd 2018



Early Bird Pricing 
Until March 14th

7 Days of Events
Full Training Program
Interactive Workshops
Networking Nights Out
A Whole Lot of Personal Growth, Business Development, and FUN!


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