How To Build a Thriving Freelance, Coaching, or Consulting Business Around YOUR Personality

Introducing The Free Freelancer 2.0

This coaching program will help you create the foundation of knowledge, skills, and marketing assets to build a highly paid, location independent freelance or coaching business.

Why This Is Different

The Most Community, Accountability, and One-on-One Support Out There

I designed this program to help you see some immediate results (good for your motivation) AND be ready for long term growth.


Because almost everything happens live and within a group of peers you'll take action and make more progress than ever. 

You are going to be growing in 3 ways:



Marketing Assets

You need all 3.

If you only build your knowledge you'll be like so many people that waste money on video courses and never get results.

Knowledge DOES NOT equal results.

You must also build some critical skills. After teaching business and marketing for over a decade (I'm older than I look!), I've concluded that marketing is the #1 skill we should focus on.

If you're reading this, you are likely an NF personality type which tells me you're likely to spend plenty of time on delivering your service and caring about your clients...it's the marketing you'll naturally put off or avoid.

So in terms of skills, we will be focusing a lot on copywriting, creating a sales process, and essential aspects of digital marketing. These are valuable skills and they are also quite expensive to hire for.

As I copywriter, in just my second year, I was charging $125+ an hour. When starting out you need a lot of copy, so it's critical you develop a basic ability or at the least, understand copy enough to be able to judge if the copywriter you hire knows what they're doing.

Third, you're going to build your key marketing assets. This includes things like your website, an initial email sequence for potential clients, and an irresistible package.

Without these finished assets, all the knowledge and skills in the world aren't going to get you a single client.

Yet, just having these assets, like if I gave you some cookie cutter template 1000 other people were using, wouldn't equip you for long term success.

You'd fool a few people with your "I'm a certified life coach who will help you live your best life" website...but you're not going to go far. For your marketing assets to truly be assets, YOU must have the knowledge and skills required to create them.

We'll be doing all this together inside The Free Freelancer 2.0.

Confidence Coach-Kelly Parker

Kelly Parker

Confidence Coach

Having the support of the group and Dan has given me the confidence and courage to just carry on. Dan understood me and it was great to have somebody who is also an ENFP who understands why we can’t just always get things done. I’m now at the position where I’m really excited about the future and I think for the first time I have a clear goal, I know where I’m going, and I finally feel like I’m on the right path! 


Craig Deuchar

Voice and Presence Coach

It’s not just about what Dan coaches, it’s also about how he coaches. You’ll find he’s empathic, particularly in the times when you’re struggling.

He can be very direct when he needs to be, without being overpowering. 

Also he creates this environment in the group that actually makes it fun. 


Nathan To

Copywriter & Consultant

With an awesome mix of tough love, humour, empathy and Canadian kindness, Dan really helped me refocus and simplify my plan.He has made a huge impact on building my confidence, building my self-awareness, put my old unhelpful mindsets out and showing me what healthier mindsets best positioned me for long-term success.



What You’ll Take Away

You’ll learn the best of the best that allowed me to build my own freelance writing and coaching business to over $100 an hour within 16 and 3 months respectively…all while being 100% location independent.



  • Learn the Best Marketing Strategies for Artists and Creators
  • How to Apply the 70% Rule Correctly To Crush Indecision and Move Forward
  • Essential Business Lessons to Help You Make Better Decisions: Learn Where and How To Invest Your Time and Money
  • Learn The Values Mindset for Skyrocketing Your Coaching Income
  • Develop and Refine Your Self Knowledge and Finally Focus on the Right Things
  • Branding 101: How To Spend Your Money During Your First Year in Business
  • Taxes for Location Independent Freelancers (including saving on them)
  • How to Consistently Raise Your Rates and Surpass $100 an Hour
  • The Difference Between Lovely, Enjoyable and Profitable Clients, and The Clients From Hell Most New Freelancers Settle For
  • How to Prevent Feast then Famine and Maintain a Steady Stream of Business
  • How to Deal with Difficult Clients and Uncomfortable Conversations Around Money, Billing and Deadlines


NF Friendly Business Skills

  • Develop a Wide Range of Old School and Digital Marketing Skills Including Content Marketing (YouTube, Podcast, Instagram etc.), Creating a Website, Copywriting, Designing an Appealing Service Package, Email Marketing and a Whole Lot More. 
  • Learn How To Confidently Discuss Your Rates, Billing and Finance with Clients
  • Become an Authentic Sales Superstar. Yes, this training is especially for you if you hate confrontation, or vomit at the idea of cold calling
  • Study Directly From a World Class Copywriter and Join The Top 5% (or less) of Entrepreneurs With Your New Copywriting Abilities
  • Develop The Ability To Design Your Days and Weeks for Maximum Effectiveness While Still Enjoying, Heck, Even Loving, Your Life


World Class Marketing Assets

While you’re in the program, riding waves of group energy and accountability, and with the support of myself and other members, you’ll develop extremely valuable market assets.

Depending on your availability and experience, you will complete all of these during the program or within about 3 months of completion:

  • A Personalized Digital Marketing Plan, Matched To Your Personality and Goals, Learnt From a Digital Marketer with 12 Years Experience ($3,000 value)
  • A Proposal Template To Wow and Close New Clients - The Same Proposal I've Used To Close $10,000+ Packages ($2,000 value)
  • Your Own Signature Offer and Packaged Service That Delivers Tremendous Value To Clients with Minimum Procrastination and Admin Work For You ($2,500 value) 
  • Complete Your Own Website By The End of The Program Using The Best Tools Available ($3,000 value)
  • Learn My Approach To Authentic Copy That Works while Creating Your Own Copy Assets For Your Website and Social Media ($1,500 value) 
  • A World Class Bio For Your Website and Social Media Telling Your Story and Connecting Your Personality and Experience To Your Clients ($1,000 value)
  • Your Own Automated Sales Funnel, Including Email Sequence and Free Giveaway to Get Subscribers ($4,500 value)

Not Only Are You Developing Valuable Knowledge and Lifelong Skills, When You Join Me You'll Be Creating Marketing Assets Worth Well Over $17,000

Why Being With Fellow NFs is So Different

"I always thought I could do so much if I didn't procrastinate. Now understanding why I'm procrastinating and how to use it as a strength is a game changer for me. I always thought I was behind and I think you gave me permission to not only be OK with working in sprints and how to use it to my advantage.

It's something I've struggled with most of my life...but now it's become a superpower"

"It's one thing hearing you're special as an ENFP...but you're showing us how we're special and how we can use it to better the world."

"Being in a group with Rachel and Kimberly has honestly brought the most value out of this program out of everything.

They're so inspiring to keep going, because I, I mean, I guess like most ENFPs, there is a part in the middle where I just, I just wanted to give up on everything and I got so overwhelmed. And let me tell you, these two ladies, like it was such a safe space for me to express and it became like, not a therapy session, but it was like, it's okay, we all do this. We all go through this. Here are some solutions. Let's talk it out. And it was like every week it was I know that even though I'm not feeling it that week, I always leave the session inspired. So that's something that I absolutely love. So thank you."

Training Details


What's Included

  • 12 Live Training Sessions
  • Weekly Small Group Coaching Sessions
  • One-on-One Coaching and Mentorship
  • Personal Review, Feedback, and Advice For Writing your Copy, Creating Your Packaged Offer, and Building Your Automated Sales Funnel
  • Be Matched Up With a 3 Person Accountability Group
  • Lifetime Access To All The Training
  • Plug and Play Templates
  • A Huge Amount of Bonuses, Including Life Design In Action

Week One – Building Your Business Around Your Personality, Strengths, and Lifestyle Desires

  • Create a clear, simple, and easy to follow business plan built on your personality and natural tendencies… in other words, something you won’t change or procrastinate!

  • How telling my clients I would “no longer edit or provide revisions” doubled my hourly income

  • Essential rules for sticking with and growing a business as an xNFP
  • Week Two – Discovering The Marketing Strategy Best Suited For Your Personality

  • Imagine spending your time doing work you enjoy that actually energizes you?

  • Now imagine that time and work leading to new leads and clients on a consistent basis

  • Build your marketing machine and grow your business around your own natural strengths
  • Week Three – Copywriting Crash Course

  • Learn to move people, and wallets, with your words
  • Feel confident expressing your ideas and marketing yourself
  • Elevate your writing to the top 4% of entrepreneurs
  • Week Four – Creating Your Signature Offer and Packaging Your Services

  • Create your own Sandy Beach Offer to earn more per hour while delivering more value to your clients

  • Simplify your process and stop overthinking by creating a signature offer

  • Launch your business, or step things up a level, with a one-time promotion around a special package
  • Week Five - Creating Five Figure Proposals

  • I'll also provide you with numerous real world examples of proposals that have landed 5 figure clients

  • Get your own plug and play templates to use in your own business.
  • Week Six – Designing Your Sales Process

    • Create a roadmap for turning interested people into happy clients. 

    • Eliminate the guesswork and add clarity to your sales process...knowing exactly how to speak with new prospects

    Weeks Seven and Eight – Creating Your Website and Simple Sales Funnel

  • A complete, no holds barred, step-by-step guide to creating a website and sales funnel that will generate business while you sleep

  • Apply the 80/20 rule to create the most effective site in the least amount of time

  • I'll show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Oh, and you’ll be able to complete it WHILE in the program
  • Week Nine – How To Sell Like a Champion (Especially If You Hate Selling)

    • Master "Therapy Selling" as we were calling it on the webinar and transform how you speak with prospects

    • Eliminate fear, insecurity, and awkwardness from your sales meetings 

    • This even works if you're an introvert, dislike confrontation, or have previously declared that "sales just isn't your thing"

    Week Ten – Setting up an Email Marketing System To Sell While Your Sleep

    • Email Marketing can be one of your most powerful tools...it is why you're reading this page isn't it?

    • Learn the real rules of effective email marketing and you'll never be short on clients

    • Yes...we will also cover how to initially get people on your email list

    • Oh, and we'll setup your whole system and build your first "automatic marketing" system. It'll be awesome

    Week Eleven – We’ll See What Happens

    Seriously. Because we are going through this program live together, I am tweaking and customizing as we go to meet your needs and ensure everyone makes progress.

    I’d like to keep a week open to see what you and the other members need most and design a training around that. 

    Week Twelve – Creating your platform and consistently growing an audience

  • Now you’ve built a rock solid foundation for your business it’s time to share it with more people. If you’d like this to be part of your business, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the right spot for your business, personality, and audience.

  • Learn how to consistently create as an xNFP personality who, sometimes, struggles with staying focused. 

  • Streamline the technical details so you can direct your abundance of energy into creating great content and growing your audience.  
  • About The Program Leader, Dan Johnston

    I started as a freelance writer in 2011 when it seemed like I had hit rock bottom. I grew this business to support my move from Canada to Costa Rica, New York, and Hamburg, Germany in 2012.

    In 2013 I began writing for myself and published my first two books. This is also the year I launched my coaching business from scratch.

    I know this sounds like horse#@it but ever since I have been a kid I had this deep caring for business owners and people going after their dreams. I’ve always encouraged people to go for it in their own lives and love supporting them with the business know-how and strategy to succeed at it.

    Perhaps most importantly, according to my clients I'm a hilarious guy and, despite the fancy bio, as authentic, down to earth, and personal as one can be.


    Bonuses Included In The Program

    Bonus 1 - Copywriting Secrets For Freelancers PLUS Marketing Fundamentals For The Internet and Beyond

    Copywriting is the single most important tool for your business. This bonus will skyrocket you to the elite 5% or less of entrepreneurs and freelancers who really understand marketing and sales writing.

    (Valued At $300)

    Bonus 2 - Catapult Yourself To Expert Status with Speaking, Writing, or Workshops

    One of the big jumps I made in my own business was after I started giving small presentations. Before my first one I had almost no public speaking experience and was super nervous, but after a few pints I pulled it off and was rewarded for my efforts for years to follow.

    (Valued At $200)

    Bonus 3 - Creating Your Perfect Productivity Routine

    Remember how I told you about Barcelona? How I was able to have loads of productivity, while having fun, taking time for people I cared about, and staying (relatively) healthy?

    You'll attend a 90 minute live planning webinar where you'll go through a process for defining your most valuable activities. You'll then design a schedule for being insanely productive while leaving lots of time for fun.

    (Valued At $90)

    Bonus 4 - Turning Your Passion With Additional Revenue Streams

    During this live training we'll look at how you can go beyond the usual options and create a unique business based around a very particular passion. Scrapbooking coach anyone?

    (Valued At $300)

    Bonus 5 - How To Believe In Yourself, Feel More Confident, and Win Over Clients

    Whether or not you know it now, a huge component of business is confidence and the energy we bring to our interactions.

    When you take charge of your emotions you'll be able to get more done and transfer your enthusiasm to clients with ease. Plus, you'll eliminate that pesky self-doubt that holds so many people back.

    Bonus 6 - 30 Day Blueprint For Adding $1,000  a Month To Your Income

    So you can finally buy some damn furniture.

    Now Is YOUR Time

    This program in the right hands could easily contribute to $100,000+ in additional income. As highlighted above, in this program you'll be creating marketing assets worth over $17,000, plus the bonuses. That's worth a total of $21,500!

    I’ve had clients come to me after spending $10,000 on a coaching certification or other business program and tell me The Free Freelancer was MUCH more valuable.

    At some point in the future I’m sure I’ll be charging at least $5,000 for essentially this same program…

    However, you can join us in the complete program for just $1,995. 

    The Group Study Program


    • 12 Live Training Sessions On Advanced Business and Marketing Techniques 
    • Weekly Small Group Coaching For Specific and Personalized Advice, Guidance, and Support
    • Templates For Client Proposals, Marketing, and Contracts
    • Comprehensive Video Training Library To Get You Started From Week One
    • Join a Supportive and Inspiring Community of Fellow NFs
    • Ideal If You're Currently Working a Strenuous Job and Have Limited Time To Commit To The Program
    • Lifetime Access To Training and Includes All The Bonuses

    You can also split up your payments and pay just $149 over 12 months. 

    My Triple Guarantee

    100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – You have until February 15th, 2022 to try the program out. If for any reason you don’t feel it is a good fit for you and you no longer wish to continue, simply send me an email and I’ll refund your money. No reason or excuse needed (although I’m happy to listen to any feedback).

    100% PAYS FOR ITSELF GUARANTEE – If after developing your offer and completing the program you can honestly tell me it was not worth your time or investment, or you don’t feel the training will easily more than pay for itself, I will personally find you your first client or hire you myself.

    100% RESULTS GUARANTEE – After your register we will speak one-on-one and review your goals for the program and the results you’re after. If you actively participate in the program and don’t feel you’ve moved significantly closer or achieved the results you wanted, I will personally work with you until you do.

    Stories From 2021 Members

    Note: These are some highlights of the testimonials received from members. I'm trying to keep this page from becoming even more of an Epic Novel...but if you'd like to see more testimonials from recent members you can always email us [email protected] Just let me know what type of people or testimonial you'd like to see. 

    Yasmine (ENFP) Coach (Morocco)

    "For me, the program was insanely useful. The trainings are packed with so much valuable information, some of them I watched multiple times, and I still go back to them very often...I feel like you could go and try to do it by yourself for three years, or you could get the program and learn from somebody who shares everything with you. Plus the information is adapted to your personality type, which is super useful. Especially, it's a huge contrast with the free information you can find online.

    Plus Dan is really approachable, really kind, really empathetic. He really cares that everyone stays on track. Basically I'm super happy and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start an online business start working for themselves."

    Andrew  (ENFP) Copywriter (USA)

    "Working with Dan & the community is always fantastic! It's helped me figure out the right direction and stay on track, overcoming fear and growing both personally and professionally. Since starting our work together, less than a year ago, I completely changed career paths and became a successful freelance writer, and now I'm starting to move abroad as the world opens back up. Dan has helped me create an awesome life that I'm thrilled to live, and I'm more confident, productive and happy than ever. I can't recommend him enough - if you're thinking about working with them, do it!!"

    Taken From Anja's End of Course Feedback Form:

    "For me, this course helped me most with defining who I am and how I work best. What circumstances do I need to thrive, and where do I struggle? What can I offer to people? It should be something that sparks joy in me as well? And with finishing the course, I have a clear path to walk on. I know the next steps I have to take.

    In the role of teacher, trainer, or coach, what did you appreciate? What could I improve?
    "I truly felt that you want us to succeed with our goals. Your openness, honesty and your perspective are very valuable. I wondered if that isn't too much for yourself at times, being available to us on that level for 12 weeks!!!

    What are 3 things you have progressed on, or accomplished, since we began?
    "-I know what I want and need to work best, and I learned to accept myself like that.
    -I have a new, fantastic website with a great offer for writers.
    -I understand that a live program with a group setting is very motivational and helps me take the steps I might have been too afraid of otherwise. It also helped me stay focused and on track!

    Overall, what are you most proud of? What can you pat yourself on the back for?
    "The website! I am very happy that I have this beautiful website now.

    So far, what have been your biggest insights (personal or business), lessons, or takeaways since January?
    "You don't have to do this alone! Whenever you struggle with reaching a specific goal, seek help from other people who have walked your path before. Investing money in yourself and your future is worth it, and you should prefer live workshops over video courses as you will feel more accountable.

    What has your experience in the program and community been like? What stands out for you?
    "I loved the teaching lessons as I enjoy learning and gaining new insights. The group was so motivating, and the people all so welcoming and open, full of ideas and inspiration. I got excited about the possibilities I had to move forward with my business.

    How have you changed since January?
    I am more confident and self-aware of who I am and what makes me thrive. I have an optimistic outlook on my financial future because I see the steps I need to gain clients for my coaching business.

    If someone wasn't sure about joining, or had negative experiences with business training programs in the past, what would you want them to know?
    This program is not about copying someone else's business strategies. You will find and define your unique strengths and build a business from there that suits you and your lifestyle choices. Dan supports you wholeheartedly, as will the other participants in this program.

    Using the group's energy and throwing yourself entirely into this experience will let you take significant steps towards your financial independence. In the end, you will have taken the essential steps to build a future-proof, fluent business that grows together with you.

    Anja Renner, Germany

    INFJ and Writing Coach

    "Do you know that feeling of being lost, aware of your drivers and dreams but totally confused regarding your path and how to get in there? Well, that's how I was feeling last December, when Dan's email about the Free Freelancer course changed all my plans and enlightened my way.
    I can't find enough words to express my gratitude to him and the wonderful group of people and dreamers who engaged in this journey.

    A journey with ups and downs, with enthusiasm and fears, with great ideas and deep doubts.
    A journey where Dan showed us all that we already are - even still not fully aware of it - and what we can become, through his greatly insightful tools, advice and information on how to create our own project/business and jump into the freelancing market confident about our values and the uniqueness of our products.
    Now, it's up to us to take actions and put in practice all that we learnt and benefit from the fruitful connections we built along the course.
    So, if you see your future self working on your own to support people, in any way possible, and if you dream high, Dan will help you dream even higher, building with you the stairs and the bridges that you need to reach your goal."

    Costanza, Italy

    What It's Like Being a Member?

    What Have You Learnt From Other Members?

    What's One Thing You've Realized About Yourself?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will you offer this program again?

    How large are the group coaching calls?

    I'm already working for myself. Will this be too beginner for me?

    I really want to do this but I can't even imagine what I would do, or what my business would look like yet. Is this going to help?

    OK, What if I'm not 100% sure what business to focus on?

    What about being in different timezones and scheduling of the calls?

    How does the mastermind and accountability groups work?

    How much time do I need to commit to this?

    What if I work full time?

    Does it matter if I'm not on Facebook or Social Media?

    I hate travelling, can I still take this?

    What if I have a family, child, and/or pet?

    When does it start?

    I'm a bit older, as in, my children are about to leave home older, and I'm worried about the technology side of things? Is this for me?

    Payment Errors, Alternative Payment Plans, Euro Payments

    My Triple Guarantee

    100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – You have until February 15th, 2022 to try the program out. If for any reason you don’t feel it is a good fit for you and you no longer wish to continue, simply send me an email and I’ll refund your money. No reason or excuse needed (although I’m happy to listen to any feedback).

    100% PAYS FOR ITSELF GUARANTEE – If after developing your offer and completing the program you can honestly tell me it was not worth your time or investment, or you don’t feel the training will easily more than pay for itself, I will personally find you your first client or hire you myself.

    100% RESULTS GUARANTEE – After your register we will speak one-on-one and review your goals for the program and the results you’re after. If you actively participate in the program and don’t feel you’ve moved significantly closer or achieved the results you wanted, I will personally work with you until you do.

    Stories From Past Members

    Tara Nelson - Copywriter and Web Developer INFP (USA)

    Craig Deuchar - Voice and Presence Coach (UK)

    I was a bit nervous about signing up for the Free Freelancer - I've never done an online course like this before, and handing money over to this guy I saw on YouTube felt a bit weird!

    After all, you can find all this stuff free online, right?

    But from the second the course started, I knew I'd made the right decision. The course material is really excellent, but what makes the program so effective are the group calls. I always come away with more clarity and motivation.

    You get a lot of one-to-one coaching and support, and Dan's advice is incredibly practical, specific and helpful. As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to get stuck. When I go into a group call, I know I'll get the answers I need - and more importantly, I'll get thoughts, suggestions, and concrete advice I wouldn't have found anywhere else.

    I honestly believe the Free Freelancer program is the main reason that I still have a business - and certainly the main reason I'm making a healthy profit!

    Dan has helped me with everything from choosing a target market to defining a marketing strategy. The sales training is invaluable and has helped me feel confident selling my services without ever feeling icky or too pushy.

    The templates for everything from cold emailing to proposals are worth their weight in gold. Even more valuable, Dan has helped me get my mind right, stop underselling myself, stick to my business plan and keep going strong.

    The course has already paid for itself, and I have no doubt will pay dividends long after it's over. If you want to work for yourself, or set up a remote business, this is the course you need. Don't hesitate!

    Rosanna Campbell, Copywriter

    Dan pulled together a great group of people, he did a fantastic job facilitating discussions, and the content got me thinking in a new way about how to get my business going.

    It’s been a year since I completed the Free Freelancer program. I’m actually doing what I want to be doing now and making a living at it.

    With Dan’s help, I’ve completely turned the corner on what seemed like an eternal (6+ years) career change process. It’s been a transformational year, and there are several opportunities in front of me now that I could only have dreamed of a year ago.

    John Utter, Coach

    Joy Servin - Nurse Turned Health Coach (USA)

    Anna - Piano and Voice Teacher (USA)

    You Got This

    If you've been with me for a while you already know my 70% Rule: If you're 70% sure of something, the right move is always to take action and see what you can learn.


    In this case, with the 45 day satisfaction guarantee, you don't have to risk anything for a huge potential upside.

    So, what's left to say? Let's do this. 


    You Got This

    If you've been with me for a while you already know my 70% Rule: If you're 70% sure of something, the right move is always to take action and see what you can learn.


    In this case, with the 45 day satisfaction guarantee, you don't have to risk anything for a huge potential upside.

    So, what's left to say? Let's do this. 

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