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“Usually, the things that we are avoiding aren’t actually that hard to do and when we do them, 99% of the time they were easier than we thought they would be.”

Caring Too Much: A Blessing & A Curse?

INFPs and ENFPs tend to care for people’s feelings and have a deeper emotional connection with others. Having a strong sense of empathy has its benefits…but there is a DARK SIDE to this…

Caring too much causes INFPs and ENFPs to AVOID tough situations and ESCAPE things that put us in a difficult position.

We procrastinate and delay from facing these situations and end up not doing anything productive at all!

Why ENFPs and INFPs Avoid Tough Situations & Escape Difficulties

ENFPs and INFPs have the tendency to have deeper emotional ties with people. And the more we care about others, the more painful it is for us when they are involved in bad situations. This leads us to avoid them entirely.

AVOIDANCE happens when we evade a situation that can be little more difficult for us than it is for other people. It can be having a tough conversation, quitting a job or relationship, or even as simple as asking a roommate to clean up.

Most of the time, avoidance comes with ESCAPISM – that is our desire to leave difficult feelings.

You may want to evade a huge problem (like a bad job you don’t like or a bad relationship) or even a simple concern (such as returning your landlord’s call when you haven’t paid rent).

Situations like these lead us to “escape from reality” and pursue other things.

Usually, the things that we are avoiding aren’t actually that hard to do and when we do them, 99% of the time they were easier than we thought they would be. We only our blow them up in our minds, but in real life it’s not that big of a deal.

Escapism can be a really big problem now because there is so much we can do to escape if we want to be somewhere else or we want to forget our current state of emotions.

There is social media, video games, movies, alcohol, and other vices.

While a little of these won’t hurt, escapism becomes a problem when they take over the majority of your life.

Maybe for now it prevents us from accomplishing simple things, but it also causes a snowball effect and eventually, this behavior holds us back from pursuing and achieving significant endeavors.

How to Stop Avoidance & Escapism

There is a BETTER solution to break the pattern of personal avoidance and escapism.

Identify the activities you tend to avoid and find ways to eliminate those in your life.

If you’re an entrepreneur who hates organizing your calendar, hire an assistant who can manage it for you.

Hate doing sales phone calls but it’s necessary for your business? Hire someone who can do it for you!

Keep a list of all the activities that you avoid and reflect back on that. Decide how can you eliminate them – can you delegate or outsource them?

Do that every so often, every couple of months and you’ll find that once you get rid of those activities, you’ll have very little reason to procrastinate.

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