ENFP Entrepreneurs Advice: How To Focus as an ENFP and Avoid Future Struggle?

If you pick a very focused niche, as an ENFP you’re going to get bored when talking about the same thing over and over again.

Business Advice: How and where to focus as an ENFP?

I’m going to share what I think is the best way for an ENFP to focus their business or to pick a niche so that they don’t run into struggles in the long run.

When it comes to picking your focus as an ENFP, there’s a lot to consider. Much of the typical marketing advice out there says to get hyper-focused, pick an exact niche, and this can work, I have a client, she actually joined the FreeFreelancer last fall, and she’s hyper focused in health coaching around women who have had gastric bypass surgery and are looking to make lifestyle changes after. That is hyper-focused. In her case, it was really aligned with what she wanted to do. She was very clear from the beginning about wanting to work with this audience. That has led to getting clients already and starting off a very successful business.

So it can work being hyper-focused, but one of the risks if you do this artificially as an ENFP is, guess what, we get bored really easily. So if you just pick a niche, because you hear from some marketing expert, that you’re supposed to have a really focused niche, you’re going to end up in trouble a couple of months into it when you just get bored of that, or you don’t really want to just talk about the same thing over and over again. Content marketing, making videos, doing podcasts, writing about the topic that you help people with is a really powerful way to grow your business, but you have to be really passionate.

Trust me on this, you have to be passionate about it and excited to talk about it over and over and over again, and if you just picked some really specific area like offering advice to men between the ages of 27 and 31, who have video game addictions and recently had been divorced (maybe because of the video game addiction), that sounds good and I almost guarantee you will get clients when you start out because it’s so specific, but if you build all your brand and your whole business about that, you’re going to run into some very serious issues.

Why? Because more than likely as an ENFP, you are going to get bored of talking about the same thing over and over again and working with the exact same people.

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So what’s the solution? Well, there are two parts to it. The first part is when you’re building your overall brand, what people know you as, keep it general enough to give yourself some flexibility. Often I recommend to my clients to just use their own name or use something that will not limit Your possibilities. Keep your overall brand somewhat general. So you have some flexibility in where you can go in the future.

Imagine having to restart your Facebook page or restart your YouTube channel… When you change directions it is painful, you do not want to limit yourself. You want to be able to bring the people with you who have already grown to love you and follow you to your next stage. You can then have various niches that you focus on in terms of the types of content or products you offer.

I mentioned Free Freelancer the program I do that is a very focused program for freelancers and coaches who often but not always want to be location independent. So they can travel, set their own schedule, all that kind of stuff. That is a focused program I offer and I have some videos on my channel here, that are very focused on those types of topics. But despite buying the domain name, I did not call my brand the Free Freelancer because it was never my intention to just talk about that subject. That is one of the ways that I help people and work with people.

So you can build your bigger brand around even let’s just say your name and then within that have two or three different categories that you talk about a lot that gives you the specificity so people can really connect with you and see you as an expert in a small number of topics. It also gives you the freedom you need as an ENFP to change direction in the future and cover a variety of topics to keep it interesting for you.

Now the second strategy you can use is to focus on beliefs and desires instead of demographics. You’ll often hear people like so-called marketing experts who maybe aren’t that much of experts talking about age, gender, marital status and these sorts of things in terms of how to target who you work with. There are definitely times that this is a valuable bit of knowledge to have and where you will want to target around it. But in many cases, you can be more effective focusing on people’s beliefs. Maybe work with people who value freedom and autonomy in their life or maybe you work with people who believe that love should be abundant and monogamy is crazy. Maybe you work with people who believe life is about service and giving to others. Those are powerful beliefs that you can speak to without having to narrow it down to a certain gender or a certain country, a certain income bracket for instance.

So those are the two strategies I would recommend when focusing your business as an ENFP.

Number one, keep your overall brand and your name broad enough to have some flexibility to change in the future and to cover a variety of topics and number two, to focus on the beliefs and the desires of the people you want to work with rather than getting into really specific demographic.

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