How To Earn Money While Pursuing Your Artistic Dreams

by Dan Johnston

How To Earn Money While Pursuing Your Artistic Dreams (#AskDan from an INFP)

“Get a job where you’re not really applying your artistic side at all so you can save that creativity for when you’re working on your own business.”

The Original Question

Sienna, an INFP, asks for advice on how she can earn money while pursuing her dream of being an artist. Here’s her question:

“So what do you recommend in terms of earning income while your creative dreams take time? That’s my issue.

The creative dream is being an artist. I feel that I have to improve more or build more of a portfolio before I build a business…I don’t want to be hasty…also some projects will take a long time and I’m still unsure how to do them.

I guess, I’ve experienced creative paralysis when putting pressure on my art to take care of me, as it’s not exactly reliable.”

Here’s My Answer

The separation of art and income is a big problem for many people. So what’s the best way to earn money when you’re starting your career as any kind of artist?

I have two different ideas for this.

One is about how soon you should jump into earning a full-time income from your art and the other involves getting the sh*ttiest possible job you can. Here’s why.

For a lot of people, I think jumping into art full-time can be a good move because you’ll learn so much quicker if you’re doing it yourself.

You’re going to get a lot better and quicker when the pressure is on, and if you have a deadline or a client.

On the other hand, I would also encourage you to get the absolute sh*ttiest possible job you can and I’m dead serious about that.

If you get a middle-of-the-road job, like you get an office job doing graphic design, then you can get stuck in that. If they pay you just well enough to start getting comfortable with the job, that’s when you get trapped.

It becomes very easy to come home at the end of the day and be tired from your work and not get into your artistic business for years.

Whereas if you get a job, like parking cars as a valet, serving tables or other roles where you’re not really applying your artistic side at all, you can save that creativity for when you come home.

That’s going to be the best option because you’ll still have your mental energy when you come home to work on your own business and there’s very little risk of getting “trapped.”

You’re not going to be working as a valet for five or ten years.

You’re more likely to want to quit and that is a good thing if you’re just getting the day job to pay the bills while you build a business whether – it’s artistic or any other business.

Get a sh*tty job! It will be more motivating and you won’t get trapped.

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