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Dear World,

2018 will be my year. Please let the ESTJs know.


I always think us ENFPs are like an Italian Sportscar.

Some people might think we're a little over the top and just too much.

Other people admire us from the get go and we become the centre of attention.

Sure, we need a little extra maintenance to get going and run our best...but once we do get going...

Well, I've never met anyone who can accomplish more in less time than a focused, driven ENFP.

This doesn't mean life is always rosey. We've been built to go 100mph around the curves and 150 in the straights...

But we're living in a world built for Honda Civics and Minivans.

I've driven a couple Lamborghinis in my day and I can tell you this. On an abandoned highway outside Vegas they are an absolute dream.

Stuck in traffic or trying to park them in a busy city? The Honda Civic beats the Lamborghini 10 times out of 10.

If the Lamborghini tried to compete in a Honda Civic's world, it would lose again and again.

Yet, ask any 10 year old, or any reasonably sane 50 year old, which car they would rather have...

So my ENFP friend. We might be a little more peculiar. We might not be built for the 9-5, day after day, week after week, grind of the modern world.

We might struggle getting our taxes in on time and completing that monotonous to-do list...

But guess what? When you find your race track, and you will find it, you'll leave them all in the dust.

When you accept yourself for who you are and start playing life by your own rules...


Those Honda Civics don't stand a chance.

Because, you my friend, are an ENFP and 2018 is the year you unleash your full and true potential on the world.

Make 'em Proud.

Here's What We're Doing

Hello My Friend!

ENFP Unleashed is exclusively for ENFPs who want more freedom and independence...

More self-acceptance and confidence...

And ultimately, for those ENFPs who are committed to making a positive impact on the world.

The content and training will be based on my experience coaching dozens of ENFPs one-on-one, and teaching thousands of ENFPs via my books and videos.

Each week you'll be able to attend a live training or coaching call.

The majority of calls will be open-ended group coaching where you can ask questions and seek advice specific to you and get help from myself and the community.

Occasionally, I will also throw in themed training sessions where I will prepare some material, or we will just focus the discussion on success secrets in areas like:

-Dear World, I'm a MOTHER F@#*IN' ENFP! Get Used To It!

-The Secret To Harnessing Your ENFP Powers

-How To Get A TON Done and Rock Your Goals

-How To Stay On Track When You Have 50 Ideas and Everything is an Opportunity

-The ENFP Money and Happiness Formula

-ENFP Career and Entrepreneurial Blueprints

-ENFP Kryptonite - Why It Happens and How to Overcome It

-The ENFP Evolution - Natural Path For Maturity and Growth

While these are just some examples of the core topics we will focus on, the beauty of the live sessions is that we can adapt and adjust to cover other topics based on your needs.

The tentative start date of the program is the week of May 10th BUT I won't start until we have enough people...so if you want this group to be a success, the best thing you can do is join now to hold your spot and tell me you're in!

The program includes:

  • A community who has got your back and will help you in making changes, following through, and creating the life you want.
  • Ongoing support from someone who understands you.
  • Additional tools, resources and training to help you operate at your best.
  • Your choice of 2, 3, or 4 group calls per month.
  • Recordings of the calls you attend.
  • Learning to play at a higher level so you can become your best self.

Best of all, you've got nothing to lose. I know you're going to LOVE this program and if you don't, I'll happily refund your first month's payment. As long as you actually show up to the calls, this program will lead to major changes in your life.

Choose Your Plan and Commit Yourself

Join Any Two Training or Coaching Calls Per Month
  • Small Group Coaching and Training (Likely 5-10 People Per Class To Start)
  • The Calls Are Video Based, Entertaining, and Highly Interactive
  • Engaging, Inspiring, and Highly Interactive HD Video Calls
  • Cancel, Upgrade, or Downgrade Anytime (at whatever the current pricing is then)
  • Accountability, Consistent Support, and New Friendships
Initial Member Pricing - $79

If you can make it work, I would recommend a minimum of two calls each month to have the most impact and get the best results. So try to do this one.

Attend Up To 4 Coaching or Training Calls Each Month
  • Immerse Yourself in an Inspiring, Supportive Community
  • Small Group Coaching and Training (Likely 5-10 People Per Class To Start)
  • Engaging, Inspiring, and Highly Interactive HD Video Calls
  • Cancel, Upgrade, or Downgrade Anytime (at whatever the current pricing is then)
  • Accountability, Consistent Support, and New Friendships
  • Go Deeper With Our Community of Fellow ENFPs
Super Early Bird Price - $129

This has four calls a month, which means you'll have maximum Dan and ENFP training access. In theory, this should mean faster results and also, naturally, maximum fun!

Hey it's me Dan. I always hate it when people write these in the 3rd person. "Dan Johnston is a blah blah blah".

I've been coaching and writing for ENFPs since 2014 although you charmers only started getting the majority of my attention in 2016.

Since then my YouTube videos for ENFPs are sitting around 100,000 views and I've worked closely with dozens on ENFPs including entrepreneurs, executives, and performers. Yes, we are a diverse group!

What I love most about working with my fellow ENFPs is the great sense of humour, diverse ambitions, and authentic drive to change the world for the better. You rock and I'm honoured to be with you in this program.

Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee this program will be:
1) Life Changing
2) Engaging and Inspiring. Something you will look forward to each week.
3) A supportive environment packed with value you'll keep with you for life.

If you join and actively participate and don't love it or have even a tiny bit of regret, I'll refund your last month's payment. You'll love it and you'll get results, or you'll get a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

  • q-iconWhere does the training take place?

    All calls take place over a software called Zoom. It’s similar to Skype, except it doesn’t suck and allows for video calls with multiple people. It’s very similar to if we were all sitting in a room together.

  • q-iconHow many people will be in a session?

    Starting off, it will likely be between 5-10. Based on my experience, the calls will be great with between 5-15 people. If the program grows beyond that, I will add more calls each week…which has the bonus of adding additional times for more flexibility.

  • q-iconIs there business training in this?

    Is this a business program? No. Will it positively benefit you and your business? Yes. Is it a tax writeoff? Absolutely yes!

    While we don’t cover marketing or sales, the content of the program will be extremely valuable to ENFP Entrepreneurs and Executives both of whom I have a lot of experience working with.

  • q-iconI'm old / young / fat / thin / tall / short / single / married / black / white / purple / gay / straight / into animals / a vegan...Is This Program Right For Me?

    Yeah, that’s fine. ENFPs are a diverse group and I’ve worked with just about every combination of the above.

    Oh, except if you’re Vegan. I’d love for you to join, but you’re limited to 10 minutes each class where you’re allowed to tell people about how you’re a Vegan.

  • q-iconWhy should I join?

    In marketing this sort of webpage is called a sales page. The entire page is designed to make you want to join. If you aren’t on board by this point, I give up. Go read a Robin Sharma book…we’re done here.

  • q-iconHow do we communicate during the program?

    The primary communication during the program is live and interactive during the training and coaching sessions. Email coaching and Q&A will not be encouraged in the program.