They all called me a Dreamer...
Until I did it.

For some, "Dreamer" is an insult. Here, being a Dreamer is a badge of honour, but only if you do this ONE other thing...

I can still hear my mom's voice in my head when I talked about my grand plans, "Yeah yeah yeah, you're such a Dreamer! Come back to earth."

She wasn't the only one. Friends would drop hints by asking about "real jobs" I'd be interested in. Others asked when I'd end my "vacation" and join the real world.

8 years later and this "vacation" keeps on going.

Don't expect people to change. Even after living in 5 countries and selling 10,000s of books, "concerned friends" would still send me job postings back home in Canada.

So do I spend my days trying to prove myself? Do I compare bank accounts or passport stamps?

Hell no.

I wear my Dreamer badge with pride.

My name is Dan Johnston and you bet your ass I'm a Dreamer.

You know what else? I'm also a Doer.

Welcome to my world.

If you're a Dreamer ready to do more Doing, I'd like to invite you into my world, our community, and your new favourite source of strategy, insights, and training. 

The Dreamers and Doers Coaching program is your chance to be coached by me each and every month on a live training call.

This is your chance to step up in many areas of your life. Some of the training you can look forward to this year includes:

  • How to finish what you start (say goodbye to that nagging to-do list and feeling guilty about unfinished business)
  • Make a big change...even when you’re terrified
  • 25 ways to become location independent and travel the world (without wasting your money or selling your soul)
  • 13 life changing ideas for an energized body and supercharged mind
  • How to get out of your head and into action (they won’t be able to doubt you anymore!)
  • One skill to master to get almost anything you want in life (I’ll teach you everything you need to know!)
  • How to find, create, and sustain rich and meaningful relationships

Inside You'll Get

Live Monthly Training and Coaching Call with Dan

Accountability Groups

Curated Member Community

Exclusive Access, Videos, and Events

Outside Experts and Special Guest Q&As

Bonus #1

Life Design In Action

My premier program for developing the knowledge, clarity, and courage to design and create the life of your dreams.

This includes my comprehensive video training and guided process to discover your calling, your next steps, and the courage to take action. You can read more about Life Design In Action here.

  • Find work or create a business aligned with your unique personality, past, and passions.
  • Design your life with the freedom to do all the things you love.
  • Overcome any fear or doubt and follow your own path.

$197 Value - INCLUDED

Bonus #2

Dan's Complete Guide To Location Independence in 2020

I spent 3 years living around the world working when and where I wanted. Eventually I fell in love with, and in, Prague and settled down...until now.

This year Gabby and I have went unchained and will be living in between 6 and 10 countries over the next 2 years. 

I made this brand new course, exclusively for members of this program, to share all the latest intel to help you:

  • Book medium term accomodation (1-3 months) at or BELOW local long term rents and save a fortune. 
  • Make new friends, develop social circles, and skirt homesickness. 
  • Stay focused, driven, and productive so you can improve yourself, your body, and your financial situation WHILE seeing the world. 

$250 Value - INCLUDED

Bonus #3

Personal Diagnostic

When you join the program you'll have the opportunity to share more information with me about yourself, your life, and what you're working towards. 

Based on my experience working with 100s of people I will pinpoint the areas I believe you'll gain the most from focusing on as well as any blind spots I suspect you might have your friends and family may be too scared to point out. 


Dreamers and Doers Coaching
Connect. Take Action. Grow.

You can join the coaching program and community for just $39 per month. Cancel anytime. 

Is It Right For Me?

You Belong

  • You're just as excited to share, give, and help as you are to receive, learn, and grow. 
  • On our team we say we work with people who are values driven with good intentions for the world.
  • You don't take yourself too seriously and can enjoy a funny story or candid comment...I have no filter
  • In terms of when and where you were born, where you live, what you look like, or who you like to get naked with...the program is open to everybody.
  • You're likely an ENFP, INFP, INFJ, ENFJ or INTJ...but this isn't a requirement. 

Bad Fit

  • You're excited to share your 11 page story about why "life is hard" and you've been struggling so much.
  • You'd get offended if I told you I prefer not to work with people who are easily offended.
  • You'd rather debate ideas or political views than put ideas into action and make things happen.
  •  Your name is Bob. Sorry Bob, but I use your name as my generic name for all my examples and it would be really confusing if there was an actual Bob in the program. If you're willing to go by Robert or Bobby we could make it work. 

More reasons people are joining...

Escape infinite research mode, make quick decisions and take action

Learn how to get paid for your ideas without "selling out"

Master the entrepreneur mindset to have more success and impact in ALL areas of your life

Turn your doubts and judgements into rocket fuel and become an inspirational story for friends and family

Learn how to finish what you start and earn people's respect

How to choose your life path and stop over thinking 229 options

Have your maximum impact using your gifts and superpowers

Pack your life with variety and excitement without getting “off course” or falling victim to shiny object syndrome

How to build a business around your creativity and get paid well as an artist

How to thrive in a world dominated by cutthroat capitalism

Client Stories and Testimonials

This coaching program and community is a new undertaking, so these testimonials are from past clients and members of other programs I offer.

If you tend to be annoyed by coaches who give a lot of fluff and "super inspirational" words that don't actually mean anything and you want someone who's radically honest with you and real about everything...hire Dan. At the same time if you want someone who's really nice, really funny, really personable, someone you're not going to be intimidated by...hire Dan. 

Tampa, Florida

I'd done a couple of other programs on finding your passion and making a living out of something you love and I've not really got anywhere with those programs. The difference with The Free
Freelancer is Dan. I felt from watching his YouTube videos that he understood me and it was great to have somebody who's also an ENFP who understands...

Language Coach
Cambridge, UK

When I started University...everyone around me was in the typical rat race 9-5 mindset and they influenced me and changed my mind...until my mother got sick and I realized I need a way of supporting myself that allowed me to create value and feel like I'm contributing and growing as a person while having the flexibility to stay with the people I love.

Marketing Consultant
Milan, Italy

At the beginning I did wonder whether he was one of these people who has the catch-all course that's going to like change your life for the better and actually doesn't do very much.

I still benefit from his expertise but it's not just about what he coaches but how he coaches. You'll find that he's empathic particularly in times where you're struggling but also he can be very direct when he needs to be.

Voice and  Presence Coach - London, UK

Try it out risk free. Join today and see what the community has to offer. If you aren't excited about what we're creating or not completely satisfied with the included training, just email [email protected] within 30 days of joining and we'll refund your money within 48 hours. 


How does the community work? How can I connect with other members?

The program is hosted through a private network (accessed via your browser or the app) that allows you to take courses, watch training videos, see upcoming events (online and offline) and post your own questions, ideas, or advice. You can also search for members in your area and directly message anyone else in the community. Take a look:

What if I can't make a scheduled coaching call?

All our calls are recorded so you can access them on your own schedule if you miss the live call. You can also send in questions beforehand. 

If there any commitment?

By joining you're committing to yourself to no longer settle. You're committing to learn, to grow, and to work towards your best self. You're committing to me and other members of the community to share​, give, and be your best. You're...

Oh, you mean contracts and such. No, you can cancel at any point and your membership will end 30 days after your last payment.

Will this help me be more accountable?

Absolutely. There are many aspects to the program to keep you accountable and moving forward. These include accountability groups, specific training focused on action and follow through, and the support and energy of Dan and the community. 

What are your future plans for the community?

Ultimately you'll play a role in shaping the community and the training I add in the future. So nothing is set in stone because I want to develop the community and resources around and for you, but I can share a few of my ideas.

  • I'd love to host casual dinners and one day training events around the world, free of charge for members. I would also like to help facilitate member hosted events as well. 
  • I want the training and other tools here to be, well, the ultimate resource for designing and creating an extraordinary life. This means I will always be learning and adding to the library. 
  • I want to bring in exciting people and share their expertise and knowledge with the community. This includes getting into details about leveraging your specific personality type to do big things. 

I attended Dan’s event in Prague in summer 2018, and it was a decisive moment in my life that gave me the confidence to move away from a more conventional life and towards actively pursuing my dreams.

One of the main reason for this is the people that I met at the event. There’s something powerful in connecting with other people who don’t think you’re crazy or foolish, who want similar things to you, and who have achieved it or are helping you achieving it.

It is said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with and I believe that it is true. Our network influences us greatly. So for me, right now, this community is something that helps me become who I want to be.


Try it out risk free. Join today and see what the community has to offer. If you aren't excited about what we're creating or not completely satisfied with the included training, just email [email protected] within 30 days of joining and we'll refund your money within 48 hours.