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They all called me a Dreamer...
Until I did it.

I can still hear my mom's voice in my head when I talked about my grand plans, "Yeah yeah yeah, you're such a Dreamer! Come back to earth."

She wasn't the only one. Friends would drop hints by asking about "real jobs" I'd be interested in. Others asked when I'd end my "vacation" and join the real world.

8 years later and this "vacation" keeps on going.

Don't expect people to change. Even after living in 6 countries and selling 10,000s of books, "concerned friends" would still send me job postings back home in Canada.

So do I spend my days trying to prove myself? Do I compare bank accounts or passport stamps?

Hell no! I wear my Dreamer badge with pride.

My name is Dan Johnston and you bet your ass I'm a Dreamer.

You know what else? I'm also a Doer.  

If you're a Dreamer ready for more, I'd like to invite you into my world and our community. 

The Dreamers and Doers Community is your chance to support, and join the Dreams Around The World community determined to live a great life while making a positive impact. 

When you show your support, you'll also receive:

  • Live Monthly Q&A Call with Dan
  • Join Our Curated Member Community
  • Exclusive Access, Videos, and Online Events
  • In Person Events...Coming Soon (fingers crossed!)
  • Outside Experts and Special Guest Q&As
  • Free Access To Select Books and Training Courses
dreams around the world dreamers community
preview dreamers around the world community
  • Behind The Scenes updates on running a business, Podcast, YouTube channel
  • For the $20 price tier and above, we'll match you with an accountability partner who has similar goals as you
  • Weekly live video call hangouts with other members around the world
  • Early Access and Discounts on other  Dreams Around The World Products, Courses, and Coaching Programs

The Mission

I'm Dan Johnston, the creator of Dreams Around The World. If you're reading this, I hope it is because something I've made or shared has had a positive impact on your life. 

​My mission is to help you, and many others, become the best version of yourself all while creating an awesome life for you and those you love. 

This is important to me because I believe if you live the life you really want, on your own terms, you'll experience more energy, more focus, and more fulfillment. You're also going to be a lot happier, which often leads to making better choices, treating others with respect and love, and generally being a better person.

Hate, fear, anger, us vs them thinking...it's always always coming from a place of scarcity and worry. So I figure if I can help people love their lives, I can also help eliminate a little evil from the planet. 

These days it isn't just me on this mission. There's four other people on our team helping plan, edit, and produce the videos, podcasts, and articles on all the Dreams Around The World channels. 

As a member of the Dreamers Around The World Community, in addition to all the great extras you receive, you'll also support us in our mission and touching the lives of thousands.  So, want to join me on this mission?


I attended Dan’s event in Prague in summer 2018, and it was a decisive moment in my life that gave me the confidence to move away from a more conventional life and towards actively pursuing my dreams.

One of the main reason for this is the people that I met at the event. There’s something powerful in connecting with other people who don’t think you’re crazy or foolish, who want similar things to you, and who have achieved it or are helping you achieving it.

It is said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with and I believe that it is true. Our network influences us greatly. So for me, right now, this community is something that helps me become who I want to be.


INFP, Author, From Belgium

Choose What Works For You

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Welcome To The Accountability Zone - Pledge $20 Per Month

Damn, thank you for stepping up at this amount. 

As a thank you, you'll also receive priority access to accountability groups within the Dreamers Community and your questions will be prioritized on Q&A calls. 

The best part of this tier and above: You'll be eligible to be matched up with someone with similar goals as yourself as part of the accountability partner programme. Starting at this level, you’ll also receive a special shout out on the podcast.

Your Support Makes A Difference



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The benefits listed above, such as the Q&A calls and accountability groups, does everyone get to participate?

Yes. NO matter which amount you can and choose to pay, you'll get to participate in everything listed in the "Inside You'll Get" section above. The only exception is the accountability partner program. Setting this up and matching you with a great fit takes quite a bit of work on our end, and so this is only included in the $20 and up tiers. If you're in the $7 or $12 tiers you can still participate in the accountability groups. 

Is Dan active in the community?

Yes, yes I am. I respond to posts whenever I have something of value to add, and regularly share exclusive videos and ideas with the group. I'm also on many of the group hangout calls (usually with wine in hand). 

How does the community work? 
How can I connect with other members?

The program is hosted through a private network (accessed via your browser or the app) that allows you to watch training videos, see upcoming member events and post your own questions, ideas, or requests for advice. You can also search for members in your area and directly message anyone else in the community. Take a look:

Is there any commitment?

By joining you're committing to yourself to no longer settle. You're committing to learn, to grow, and to work towards your best self. You're committing to me and other members of the community to share, give, and be your best. You're...

Oh, you mean contracts and such. No, you can cancel at any point and your membership will end 30 days after your last payment. If you ever want to cancel, just email [email protected] and we'll immediately stop payments. 

Will this help me be more accountable?

Absolutely. There are many aspects to the program to keep you accountable and moving forward. These include accountability groups, the accountability partner program, specific training focused on action and follow through, and the support and energy of Dan and the community.

How can I pay?

You're able to pay just about any which way including all major credit cards and PayPal. If you have an issue with payment, please send us an email right away to [email protected] 

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