Connect. Grow. Prosper.

Dreamer /ˈdriːmə/ 
A person who dreams of the possibilities, works to better themselves and reach their potential, and strives to make a positive impact on the their friends, family, and the world at large.

Have you ever said "I wish I knew more people who...

  • Focus on possibilities, not limitations 
  • Understood how I think and why I act like I do
  • Share my ambition to make the most of life
  • Crave meaningful conversations and connections

I can't be the only one who sees it. We're not meant to go at it alone. We're meant to thrive within a supportive tribe.

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together."

Dreamers Around The World is your chance to connect with amazing people around the globe for online and in person events, ongoing motivation and support.

Are you a Dreamer?

Why Join Dreamers Around The World?

1 - The Latest and Greatest Training

Going forward, the vast majority of new training programs I create will all be included here and available to you as part of your membership. Topics will include personal growth, psychology, health, effectiveness and relationships

2 - Exclusive Videos and Insider Only Topics

Go behind the scenes as I create special videos just for this community on topics I either can't, or would rather not share publicly. I'll also be sharing ideas and strategies for living an extraordinary life that I don't share anywhere else. 

3 - Curated Community

Escape the noise of Facebook groups and other distracting communities. Our private community is hosted outside of social media via our own website and mobile app (Android and Apple). Use it when travelling or to find other members in your home city (you can search members by location). 

4 - Monthly Motivation & Q&A Webcast

Get your monthly dose of motivation. Connect live each month for an inspiring webcast and Q&A session.

5 - Free Online and Offline Events

As a member of the community you'll be able to attend live online events on a variety of topics. I'll also be hosting half day in-person events around the world as I travel. In the future, we're hoping to have member hosted events as well. 

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If you’re focused on working for yourself, or your income is heavily tied to your performance, Performers Around The World may be a great upgrade for you. More details on that membership are below.

Performers Around The World Upgrade

Why Join Performers Around The World?

Performers Around The World is an upgrade which adds additional groups, training, and resources to Dreamers Around The World. This membership includes everything in the Dreamers Around The World Membership, plus:

1 - Two Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Join us each month for video based group coaching calls. One will focus on entrepreneurship (marketing strategies, business struggles and successes etc) and the second will focus on performance (mental energy, getting the right things done, etc). These calls will typically include 6-12 people. 

2 - Exclusive Freelance, Marketing, and Online Business Training

As a member of the Performers program you'll also receive training and content related to growing your business. 

3 - Inspiring Business Community

Within the community you'll be able to join a private group for members of the Performers Around The World program. 

4 - Advanced Business, Tax, and Team Building Strategies

Not much more to say, right? This is stuff I don't share anywhere else. 

5 - Outside Experts and Special Guest Q&As 

See behind the scenes and ask your questions to high achievers with unique businesses built on their own terms and often around their personalities (including 7 and 8 figure location independent companies). 

Is It Right For Me?

Whether you're considering Dreamers Around The World or The Performers Around The World Upgrade (with more business training and group coaching), the following is true:

You Belong

  • You're just as excited to share, give, and help as you are to receive, learn, and grow. 
  • On our team we say we work with people who are values driven with good intentions for the world.
  • You don't take yourself too seriously and can enjoy a funny story or candid comment.
  • In terms of when and where you were born, where you live, what you look like, or who you like to get naked with...the community is open to everyone.
  • You're an Idealist personality type which means being an ENFP, INFP, INFJ, or ENFJ. Also, we love INTJs too. 

Bad Fit

  • You're excited to share your 11 page story about why "life is hard" and you've been struggling so much.
  • You'd get offended if I told you I prefer not to work with people who are easily offended.
  • You're looking at all the bonuses, and the money back guarantee, and thinking "Oh, look at all I could take!"

Are You In?

There is no application process. For the last few years I've been including much of my personality and humour in my videos, podcasts, and emails as a way to filter out people who I wouldn't enjoy working with or who wouldn't be a good fit for the community. 

It seems to be working as I have continually been blown away by the quality of people in my programs and at events. 

If you'd like to join any of the Community programs, all you need to do is complete the payment below and a member of my team will reach out within 24 hours, usually a lot less. 

Join The Waiting List For Early Admission and an Exclusive Bonus

Admission To Dreamers Around The World Is Closed Until September. Join The Waiting List Below.

When I started University...everyone around me was in the typical rat race 9-5 mindset and they influenced me and changed my mind...until my mother got sick and I realized I need a way of supporting myself that allowed me to create value and feel like I'm contributing and growing as a person while having the flexibility to stay with the people I love.

Marketing Consultant
Milan, Italy

At the beginning I did wonder whether he was one of these people who has the catch-all course that's going to like change your life for the better and actually doesn't do very much.

I still benefit from his expertise but it's not just about what he coaches but how he coaches. You'll find that he's empathic particularly in times where you're struggling but also he can be very direct when he needs to be.

Voice and  Presence Coach - London, UK


How does the community work? How can I connect with other members?

The program is hosted through a private network (accessed via your browser or the app) that allows you to take courses, watch training videos, see upcoming events (online and offline) and post your own questions, ideas, or advice. You can also search for members in your area and directly message anyone else in the community. Take a look:

What is the difference between the Dreamers and Performers membership? 

You can read about all the differences above. The Performers upgrade is for you if you're working for yourself, or if you hope to very shortly. It also adds two live monthly group coaching calls and special guest Q&As. 

If there any commitment?

By joining you're committing to yourself to no longer settle. You're committing to learn, to grow, and to work towards your best self. You're committing to me and other members of the community to share​, give, and be your best. You're...

Oh, you mean contracts and such. No, you can cancel at any point and your membership will end 30 days after your last payment.

Will you hold me accountable? 

In the near future we will be facilitating accountability partnerships and accountability groups between members. Oh, and I'll teach you better strategies for holding yourself accountable and staying on track.

What are your future plans for the community?

Ultimately you'll play a role in shaping the community and the training I add in the future. So nothing is set in stone because I want to develop the community and resources around and for you, but I can share a few of my ideas.

  • I'd love to host casual dinners and one day training events around the world, free of charge for members. I would also like to help facilitate member hosted events as well. 
  • I want the training and other tools here to be, well, the ultimate resource for designing and creating an extraordinary life. This means I will always be learning and adding to the library. 
  • I want to bring in exciting people and share their expertise and knowledge with the community. This includes getting into details about leveraging your specific personality type to do big things. 

I attended Dan’s event in Prague in summer 2018, and it was a decisive moment in my life that gave me the confidence to move away from a more conventional life and towards actively pursuing my dreams.

One of the main reason for this is the people that I met at the event. There’s something powerful in connecting with other people who don’t think you’re crazy or foolish, who want similar things to you, and who have achieved it or are helping you achieving it.

It is said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with and I believe that it is true. Our network influences us greatly. So for me, right now, this community is something that helps me become who I want to be.


Join The Waiting List For Early Admission and an Exclusive Bonus

Admission To Dreamers Around The World Is Closed Until September. Join The Waiting List Below.