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Sept 2019 The Truth About INTJs without text min

The Truth About INTJs

For people who are new to MBTI and personality psychology, INTJ personality type is often mistaken for an ISTJ or ESTJ who…let’s just say really, really like rules.

Aug 2019 Watch this if you re feeling down without text min

What To Do If You’re Feeling Down

This post is for you if you’re, let’s just say, sometimes an as*hole to yourself. This one is for all my Idealist Brothers and Sisters, that is you ENFPs, INFPs, ENFJs, and INFJs.

Aug 2019 Why do I do this2 without text min

Don’t Make This ENFP and INFP Mistake

When I follow good ideas for a daily routine and habits like cardio exercise, planning what I need to do, and eating well, I feel great and get more done…and then…I stop. I can’t be the only ENFP who does this, right?!

Aug 2019 ENFP careers video without text min

ENFP Life & Career Advice: How To Choose Something?

An ENFP asks about choosing the right career or business idea. Having lots of options is never a struggle for an ENFP…it’s choosing JUST ONE and actually taking action.

Aug 2019 first video without text min

Is Freedom Everything For ENFPs?

Us ENFPs love our Freedom. Ask an ENFP what they want and you’ll think you’ve caught a replay of Braveheart. But is pursuing freedom above all out really the best advice for ENFPs?

June 2019 Two ENFP Strengths You Should Embrace without text min

Two ENFP Strengths You Should Embrace

I’ve talked about ENFP Superpowers before but I’ve missed to fully address the power of these two particular ENFP strengths.

June 2019 My Advice For Young Ambitious Idealists without text min

Advice For Young Ambitious Idealists

If I could go back in time and share my best advice with my 20 year old ENFP self…what would I tell that young, ambitious, idealist?

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