INFP Advice

INFP Social & Dating Advice

I’m sharing one of my most important bits of advice for INFPs who want to be better liked and have more dating and friendship opportunities.

My Secret For Continuous Growth

Your perception of age will affect how you think about your life overall and can change your plans in a way that doesn’t allow you to live up to your full potential.

INFPs & Casual Relationships

I’m answering a question from an INFP about dating and casual flings…and I reveal a deep web of limiting beliefs and rules keeping this INFP from finding true love.

ENFPs & Idealists – My Awesome Career Advice

What we learn in school and our perspective of how our future career will look like might be completely different from what we experience later on our job.

Better Beliefs For ENFPs and Other Idealists

Let’s explore some empowering beliefs ENFPs and other Idealist types can adopt to increase the chances of reaching your goals and creating the life you want.

ENFP Job Interview Advice (And Career Tips)

Here’s my best ENFP job interview tips to help you avoid the wrong career or getting trapped in a job you hate.

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