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Dec 18 NO that is not an ENFP thing without text min

No, It’s Not an ENFP Thing

You may be a little surprised by what I have to say when it comes to being an ENFP, paying attention, and being able to focus.

Dec 18 Empowering Beliefs for Idealists without text min

Better Beliefs For ENFPs and Other Idealists

Let’s explore some empowering beliefs ENFPs and other Idealist types can adopt to increase the chances of reaching your goals and creating the life you want.

uninspired enfp - how to focus on things that matter

Game Changing Advice for ENFPs

Here it is – one life-changing piece of advice for anyone with the ENFP personality.

Oct 18 ENFP job interview tips without text min

ENFP Job Interview Advice (And Career Tips)

Here’s my best ENFP job interview tips to help you avoid the wrong career or getting trapped in a job you hate.

Oct18 what not to spend money on without text min

Minimalist Business Tips From an ENFP

Learn from my mistakes and follow this minimalist business advice so you can spend more time pursuing your dreams and growing your business instead of worrying about money.

Oct 18 Creating your canvas for creative output without text min

My Secret For Getting More Done (INFP & ENFP Advice)

If you’re a creative personality (like us ENFPs and INFPs) you may struggle with getting started on your creative work or just not producing nearly as much as you’d wish. So the question is, how can creative people get MORE done?

Oct 18 The right king of friends for ENFPs without text min

Perfect Pals For Ambitious ENFPs

How can an ENFP who wants to succeed pick the RIGHT kind of friends and build their network to keep themselves going?

One BIG Difference Between ENFP & INFP

One BIG Difference Between ENFP & INFP

ENFPs and INFPs overall have a LOT of similarities. But there is one BIG difference I’ve noticed between the two types…

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