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Oct 18 Creating your canvas for creative output without text min

My Secret For Getting More Done (INFP & ENFP Advice)

If you’re a creative personality (like us ENFPs and INFPs) you may struggle with getting started on your creative work or just not producing nearly as much as you’d wish. So the question is, how can creative people get MORE done?

Oct 18 The right king of friends for ENFPs without text min

Perfect Pals For Ambitious ENFPs

How can an ENFP who wants to succeed pick the RIGHT kind of friends and build their network to keep themselves going?

One BIG Difference Between ENFP & INFP

One BIG Difference Between ENFP & INFP

ENFPs and INFPs overall have a LOT of similarities. But there is one BIG difference I’ve noticed between the two types…

setting goals and motivation as enfp

What REALLY Motivates an ENFP To Achieve Their Goals?

If you’re an ENFP and you follow the traditional goal setting advice you’re likely to fall flat on your face and fail. So how can ENFPs succeed in setting goals and keeping themselves motivated?

The enfp dark side 1920px

ENFPs & Stress – Advice For The ENFPs DARK SIDE

In 2011 I was going through a period of EXTREME STRESS. When you’re under extreme levels of stress, you’re not going to be aware of this happening…

15 ENFP Entrepreneurs

Should ENFPs Work For Themselves?

If you work for yourself you make your own rules. If you do something great you get the results. But what about bad aspects of this? In this video, you can learn all Pro & Cons of working for yourself as ENFPs.

ENFP Success Guide | Dreams Around The World

ENFP Advice – How To Succeed in Your Business or Career

As ENFPs we dread hearing the word “FOCUS!” but sometimes it is exactly what we need to hear. Now this video isn’t about exactly this, just forcing yourself to focus…come on, that would be stupid. But I get into my own experience as an ENFP with my own business and my various mistakes chasing “shiny objects”.

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