ENFP Advice

What Holds ENFPs and INFPs Back

If you’re an ENFP or INFP and something doesn’t go your way, well…things might just go downhill from there. Don’t worry, I got you! 

How To Be Taken Seriously as an ENFP or INFP

How amazing would it be if friends and family supported your ideas and believed you would ACTUALLY MAKE IT HAPPEN?!

3 ENFP Struggles (And Hidden Opportunities)

All of us ENFPs have struggled with these traits at some point…but have you considered the hidden opportunities of these ENFP struggles?

My Secret For Continuous Growth

Your perception of age will affect how you think about your life overall and can change your plans in a way that doesn’t allow you to live up to your full potential.

Productivity Tips for ENFPs and ENTPs

My friend Matt joins us to share his top tips for getting more done as an ENTP entrepreneur. This advice is also really helpful for us ENFPs since we have the same primary function as ENTPs.

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