ENFP Struggles

Why ENFP Leaders Must Step Up

ENFPs as Business Leaders: Step Up or Shut Up

“I don’t want to be controlled!” As an ENFP, I’m sure you’ve had this thought countless times…but what if you actually created your own prison?

Apr 2019 3 Struggles and Opportunities for ENFPs without text min

3 ENFP Struggles (And Hidden Opportunities)

All of us ENFPs have struggled with these traits at some point…but have you considered the hidden opportunities of these ENFP struggles?

Feb 2019 Strategies to stay anchored on your goal and on track without text min

How To Set Goals and Follow Through as an ENFP

You’ve got big goals and plans and…well…that was yesterday. Today, you’ve got (different) big goals and plans and…where was I again? Oh right, how to stick to something, stay on track, and reach your goals as an ENFP or INFP.

Dec 18 NO that is not an ENFP thing without text min

No, It’s Not an ENFP Thing

You may be a little surprised by what I have to say when it comes to being an ENFP, paying attention, and being able to focus.

The enfp dark side 1920px

ENFPs & Stress – Advice For The ENFPs DARK SIDE

In 2011 I was going through a period of EXTREME STRESS. When you’re under extreme levels of stress, you’re not going to be aware of this happening…

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