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Feb 2019 MATT How to start a successful meetup with Matt without text min

How To Start & Grow a Huge Community On Meetup

Matt Astifan started and grew the world’s largest internet marketing Meetup (over 10,000 members). He’s joining me in Prague and sharing some of his best advice on how to grow a successful Meetup.

Feb 2019 MATT Should you start a meetup to grow your business without text min

Why You Should Start a Meetup in 2019

Here’s why you might want to think about starting a meetup as part of your business strategy. 

Oct18 what not to spend money on without text min

How I Paid $200 a Month Rent Living In Vancouver BC

How to support yourself financially while going ALL in on your dream if you’re living paycheck to paycheck? I’ve lived in a few places around the world on less than $1000 a month, so I thought to share some tips on massively cutting down your expenses and having maximum lifestyle on moderate income.

Nov 2018 Side hustles and passive income without text min

What I Think About Side Hustles

Whether or not you’re an ENFP, is it better to go ALL IN or to work on a bunch of multiple side businesses, or side hustles, chasing the dragon of passive income?

Oct 2018 I never had a safety net without text min

I Never Had a Plan B

“Never have a plan B, it distracts from plan A.” This quote from Will Smith has served as an inspiration for me for many, many years.

Oct 2018 Realistic Financial Advice For ENFPs without text min

Realistic Financial Advice for ENFPs

If you’re an ENFP freelancer or entrepreneur, you may experience financial ups and downs and generally struggle with managing money when you’re starting out. Before you get back to a boring soulless 9-5 job, I have some realistic money advice for you that might help.

Sept 18 Managing and Motivating Idealist Types without text min

Managing Idealists: Can’t They Just DO IT?!

Whether or not you yourself are an idealist personality type (ENFP, INFP, INFJ or ENFJ), you’ll eventually work with idealists as their boss or employee. Here’s what you must do differently.

Oct18 what not to spend money on without text min

Minimalist Business Tips From an ENFP

Learn from my mistakes and follow this minimalist business advice so you can spend more time pursuing your dreams and growing your business instead of worrying about money.

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