Building Something Great

ENFP Entrepreneurs, How To Focus and Avoid Future Struggle?

ENFPs must do things differently if we want to avoid struggling in the future (or the present for that matter!). There are few bigger struggles for the ENFP than “Where should I focus my business?”

The Most Fun Way to Get New Clients

Matt Astifan joins me to discuss two of my favourite strategies for growing your business, meeting great people, and having a ton of fun along the way.

My Secret For Continuous Growth

Your perception of age will affect how you think about your life overall and can change your plans in a way that doesn’t allow you to live up to your full potential.

5 Future Proof Careers and Business Ideas

There’s no way around it, between A.I., automation, and robotics the business and job landscape is going to change in dramatic ways…but these 5 business areas will be prosperous for years to come.

How To Start a Business When You’re Broke

How to start working for yourself if you are stuck in a crappy job, like a call centre, that pays minimum wage and drains the LIFE out of you?!

Productivity Tips for ENFPs and ENTPs

My friend Matt joins us to share his top tips for getting more done as an ENTP entrepreneur. This advice is also really helpful for us ENFPs since we have the same primary function as ENTPs.

How To Make Friends, Have More Fun and Be Remembered

My friend Matt Astifan played a HUGE role in the growth of my freelance copywriting business. Who better than Matt to co-host these videos with me and share our best tips for networking and connecting with people.

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