How To Quit Your Job Now and Keep Getting Paid

In this article you’ll learn a unique strategy for overcoming our instinctual fear of change. This strategy will allow you to effectively make a big change today without it being official for weeks or months to come. The example in the article involves quitting your job without stopping your paycheques, yet this same strategy could be applied to shutting down a business, dissolving a partnership or ending a bad relationship.

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7 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Travel

When I booked my first one way flight to Costa Rica I didn’t have much more than one month’s living expenses in the bank and a lot of my business was coming from direct face to face contact. This was a huge unknown…

Dream Big Manifesto

Vacations Are Mandatory. Never Settle. Pursue Your Own Path. Action Creates Opportunity. Just Go For It. The Cure Isn’t A Pill, It’s A Life Redesign. 20 Seconds Of Courage Can Change Your Life. Learn. Build. Conquer.

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How I Decide Where To Travel

The first, my “framework”, was a goal I laid out in my early 20s of living in at least 5 cities before I turned 30. Now at the time I was a very optimistic young capitalist, and I figured by 2012 I would have already sold my first business for millions and would be living like a King in the capitals of the world: London, New York, Moscow, Tokyo etc.

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Goal Setting: Why Smart Goals Are Stupid, and How To Set Inspiring Goals

No time like New Years to set some life goals. The problem is, what is the best way to do it? How can you set goals in the way that is most likely to lead to success. Read on to learn why I don’t like SMART goals, and what I suggest doing instead.

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