How To Evaluate a New Business Idea

by Dan Johnston

On Sunday it happened again. An all too familiar and all too painful experience…one I’m afraid I’ll never be fully free of. How the Dragons and Sharks continuously survive this slow torture I can only guess. I like to call it the “Blind Pitch”…

Required Beliefs For Location Independence

by Dan Johnston

Last December I spent 8 days crossing the Atlantic, from Africa to Brazil, on the first ever “Nomad Cruise”.

Perhaps the only thing everyone had in common was that they found a way to spend over a week on board. What was the difference between them and their friends back home who never made it on board? What allowed those in this group to be location independent?

Prioritizing Your Passion: How To Transition Into Work You Love

by Dan Johnston

This time last year I was slaving away and spending 90% of my time on work for my clients. I’m happy to report that today I’ve successfully transitioned and spend over 80% of my time on creating my own content and coaching clients I love. Read on for the lowdown on the approach I used and the mental switch I had to make before everything finally started coming together.

5 Ways To Be More Confident and Make Things Happen

by Dan Johnston

What makes the difference between those who pull it off and seem to be living the dream, and those who delay or flat out fail to pull the trigger? The more I explored this question, the clearer the answer became…

How To Calculate The Real Cost Of Living Abroad

by Dan Johnston


Here’s how I figure out what cities I can move to and exactly how much it will cost me to live abroad somewhere new. As a bonus I’ve included two videos on reducing your fixed expenses back home so you can travel longer.

How To Quit Your Job Now and Keep Getting Paid

by Dan Johnston

In this article you’ll learn a unique strategy for overcoming our instinctual fear of change. This strategy will allow you to effectively make a big change today without it being official for weeks or months to come. The example in the article involves quitting your job without stopping your paycheques, yet this same strategy could be applied to shutting down a business, dissolving a partnership or ending a bad relationship.