3 Easy Ways To Work Online – Freelancing, Remote Work and Online Business

by Dan Johnston

3 Easy Ways to Work Online – Freelancing, Remote Work and Online Business

“Look out for the hints of what you love doing, what you enjoy… things you do well and that you seem to be able to deliver value for people.”

There are essentially 3 ways of working online and I cover them all here including an online business, remote work, and freelancing.

How you choose to work online is up to you, but you’ll see in the video, my preference is for freelance work.

If freelancing isn’t for you (why not!?), then you can consider a remote job, a job that lets you work from anywhere as long as you get the work done.

Lastly, you can consider any number of online business ideas. For now, I just include my thoughts on online business and how it compares to working remotely and freelancing work.

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