Discover Your Strengths And Thrive As The Often Misunderstood INFJ Personality

The Ultimate Guide To The INFJ Personality Type Including INFJ Strength and Weaknesses, Careers, Relationships, and Rolemodels.

Discover Your Superpowers and Thrive as Your Best Self!


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  • I strongly recommend reading these series on the personality types. Human beings can't be shoved into boxes, but studies on general characteristics can help us to be more comfortable in our own individual skin.

    Linda T

  • Was it good??? Well I started (and finished) it in the tub. I had to re-heat the water a few times. A great read. I felt "heard" although I was reading. I felt understood as well...shocker.

    Questions answered, new questions asked, and most of all validated; in an unconventional way. The treat at the end is worth it all.

    Denise M Morgan 

  • A truly empowering book for the INFJ.

    This book does a great job of explaining various psychology jargon which will ultimately help you understand yourself better. If you as an INFJ can develop your S, T and P side, you can truly become superhuman. I highly recommend this book!


  • An Excellent Guide To A Complex Type.

    An very clear, no nonsense approach to writing and sharing what the INFJ is like and what they experience. One of the most detailed and interesting reads on the type I have ever found. He offers a lot of how to work with various strengths and manage or adapt the weaknesses. Well, well worth reading.

    Bruce Towe

    I just found out that I was an INFJ, and was very pleased by the suggestions in this book. I really felt connected to everything that was being said, and it was a great time for some reflection.

    If you're an INFJ reading this book, chances are you won't want to put it down!



Dan Johnston

About the Author

Dan Johnston is a #1 international best-selling author, public speaker and recognized expert in the field of confidence, life design, and personal transformation. He's also an entrepreneur, avid world traveler and complete geek for all things psychology.

Dan has been a student of psychology and personal change for over a decade. His passion for learning started with a desire to change himself. Today, his desire to help others feel and be their best has become the fuel for his obsession with understanding of how people work.

Dan's educational started with a degree in Psychology from UBC. Later he studied with Anthony Robbins' at his Leadership Academy, and NLP Practitioner Training with Harry Nichols, the only trainer Richard Bandler (the original creator of NLP) has ever personally recruited and trained. 

Dan was born in Vancouver, Canada but now calls the world home. After overcoming his personal obstacles and financial struggles, Dan followed his dream of living in 5 new countries before he turned 30. As of this update, Dan is living in Prague and loving (almost) every moment of it.

Since 2016 Dan’s main focus has been sharing free training on his YouTube channel and mentoring budding Freelancers and Coaches in his Free Freelancer Program