Epic In Person Events

I can think of nothing better than events packed with new knowledge and inspiring people…oh right, tax write offs.

Tax write offs are even better. Lucky for us, we can have both :)

I’d love to host a range of inspiring and productive events over the next year. From adventurous and exotic retreats and masterminds to inspiring trips and educational workshops…the possibilities really are endless.
Location Independence Event in Vancouver, BC 2014.

I have some ideas and outcomes in mind, such as helping you outline and start your fist book, create badass marketing materials, or design your perfect life and 24 month plan to get there.

To many possibilities, not enough Dan…

And that’s exactly why I need your input.

If you’re interested in attending some kind of in-person event with me, whether a 20 minute speech or a week like workshop, please subscribe below. I’ll follow up in the future with a survey to find out what kind of events you want, and where in the world you want them.

You’ll also be the first to hear about any new events, and get access to any early bird discounts.

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