Digital Nomad Business – Freelancing Success Secret

by Dan Johnston


If you want to be a successful freelancer, keep in mind that human contact is huge in the business world, even if you’re in a ‘digital’ nomad’s world. Start connecting with people in your own city and then start traveling and working abroad.

Which Freelance Profession is Right for You?

by Dan Johnston


The only real way to find out which is the right Freelance profession for you is to take an Action. Do-Reflect-Repeat and you’ll know what is the best for you.

Should ENFPs Work For Themselves?

by Dan Johnston


If you work for yourself you make your own rules. If you do something great you get the results. But what about bad aspects of this? In this video, you can learn all Pro & Cons of working for yourself as ENFPs.

How any Freelancer can Still Succeed in 2017

by Dan Johnston


In door to door sales, 1 in 20 approaches generates a sale. The same can be said in freelancing. With seemingly endless options, clients will only choose the best fit for them. The good news is that you can be that 1 in 20 service providers that wins the client. Today I will discuss how to differentiate yourself and dominate your market.